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Strong walls keep evil untouched

October 20, 2019
Moriandum - Stronghold Of Evil

The bewitching instrumental The Black Gate saga begins the Moriandum - Stronghold Of Evil album with epic grandeur, acting as a charming introduction to the Rise of Mordor composition, in which the vocals bring some notes of severity, retreating in front of the melodic charm of instrumental bridges.
The muffled acoustic sacrament Kyla creates intrigue before the majestic melody of the To the Creation valiant anthem. After a restrained mid-tempo drive of verse, the chorus vocals are transformed by inspiration of clean vocals. Continuing the epic melody of the previous composition in verses, Sworn pumps more rapid pace whirls, raising the banners of triumphal knightly sagas in instrumental bridges. Enveloping vocal reflections, marching along the verge between a romantic ballad and a mid-tempo march, the main motive of the The Great Hunt composition captivates the vastness of epic sagas and ancient tales.
The soft charm of the Ephel Duath acoustic guitar fingering notes anticipates a further return to the spaces of the Fard till Dodens Rike epic sagas.
A rhythmic throbbing Hymn to the Fallen march raises the banners of the damned, marching in an epic procession through curses and unholy thoughts The procession of the outcast takes place without vocal accompaniment. Then Funeral ends the album with a muffled sacrament, with rare connections of female vocals and an obscure background whisper.