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A story that captivates with its sound

October 28, 2020
The Grief (IRL) - Descent (EP)

The Scourge instrumental introduction rolls out a musical canvas of twilight sorrow, rolling in a viscous veil of gloomy solemnity.
But then the vocals of the Sunder tale enters with a fierce growling, the music complements the continuation of the The Grief (IRL) - Descent (EP) album with the chime of oriental motives in a progressive fracture of rhythmic structures. But then the dreamy invocations of clean vocals appear in the vocals, alternating and combining with demonic growling. But then the inspired narration of clean vocals comes to the fore of the musical image, marching wisely along the chosen path and ending in the twilight of epic symophony.
The mesmerizing guitar solo of The Ascent introduction takes you into the dreamy expanses of sublime fairy tales, then complements the charm of the musical narration with gentle and ambiguous melodies of vocal phrases.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Den of Thieves musical image, varying tonality and emotional coloring. Musical passages envelop the vocal phrases with the bewitching lace of a mesmerizing symphony. The To Hew in Wrath song ends the release by complementing the vocal phrases with appropriate musical phrases, combined with exalted prayers of clean vocals and rare growling phrases. Sometimes the music rushes up in a whirlwind of a fast-paced race before the final acoustic cry.