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Raising the banners of valiant tales

October 28, 2020
Warwind - Arise

The chants of the Intro bardic saga, along with the howling of distant winds, act as an introduction to the subsequent Warwind - Arise album's title track composition, which continues the musical narration in a whirlwind of rapid drive of musical passages that wind the narration of vocal phrases in a tunnel of a rapid spiral.
The Unleashed vocal part takes you into the vastness of the heroic saga, crowning the rolling waves of musical drive. Soaring at first in a fast-paced drive, then the Chaos song raises vocal phrases on the flags of his musical procession. The Ashes tale creates an even more epic canvas of vocal storytelling, alternating and combining screaming and growling, wrapping them in covers of captivating melody and immersive sound.
The Vengeance song carries the vocal part into the vastness of screaming, alternating with the mesmerizing and captivating sound of guitar solos, instrumental bridges, then weaving guitar and vocals into captivating sound of choruses. Transformed by the inspired sound of battle march, the Storm track retains the epic mood of the heroic saga.
Accentuating the rhythmic essence, the Shadows song is captivating in a mid-tempo march, crowned with harsh vocal proclamations. The Dawn concludes the album with a fast-paced musical thriller that retains the vocal inspiration and vivid veils of the melodic lace of the musical saga.