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A real way to feel your heartbeat

February 17, 2021
Alligator (UKR) - Direct Heart Massage

The guitar solo weaves A chisel into an unrestrained vortex, which then entwines the axis of the main motive and the furious vocals proclamations that open the musical gates of the Alligator (UKR) - Direct Heart Massage album with an exciting drive. The eerie scream of the suffering victim sets the continuation of the Brutality track's music, rolling then with a mid-tempo march, spinning the musical flywheel around vocal phrases.
The guitar solo weaves a mesmerizing lace of musical artistry, captivating with musical charm before the introduction of a fierce vocal severity that raises the banner of its triumph in the finale of the Dying for bars in anticipation of an acceleration of the tempo. High-speed musical variations dances with the So fear is born vocals phrases, preparing the listener and anticipating the Direct heart massage title track, which begins with the sound of a car starting up, then rolls out with a gloomy guitar solo, as if hiding mysterious silhouettes of invisible ghosts. But then the music dances and changes the tempo and rhythm to follow the vocal changes.
Accelerating the tempo to the brink of a mid-tempo, the Street guys composition captivates with the unity of vocal artistry and progressive complication of musical passages. But the Belive in yourself song focuses the musical passages in a mid-tempo march, crowned with the severity of vocal significance, anticipating the rebellious whirlwinds of the Father's tears last composition of the album.