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A grim tale of a creepy garden

March 06, 2022
Demorphed - The Garden Of Bones (EP)

An intriguing Intro creates vague premonitions of further development of musical ideas, then soaring with dusky density and dark triumph of musical variations with notes of meaningful drive, then speeding up the tempo and bringing fury to the sound of the Demorphed - The Garden Of Bones (EP) release's title track. Then the musical essence of the composition is varied by vocal changes, alternating between screaming and growling in the vocal part.
Immediately combining music and vocals in unbridled fury and militant power, the 3rd Full Spectrum Domination persistently and tenaciously makes its way to the chosen goal, winding a whirlwind of guitar riffs insistent vocal proclamations, assertively and irrepressibly marching towards their chosen goals, not giving up to any obstacles and difficulties.
The dusky mystery of the Interlude track intrigues the listener, waiting for the development of the next musical section of the album, and then the From Beyond musical thriller varies the pace and motives of the sound, combining musical passages with alternating screaming and growling vocals in a single musical flow, drawing the listener into a journey through imaginary adventures and echoes of mystical spells.
Exploding with musical frenzy in a stream of unrestrained musical drive, The Question composition swiftly whirls through the dusky atmosphere of ghostly expectations and premonitions of impending battles, anticipating the album's conclusion with the powerful, rolling and rhythmic march of the Return To Sirius dark march.