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Kittens and television have enslaved the mind

March 06, 2022
Audrey Horne (USA) - Teledildonics

The furious drive of the powerful guitar solo opens the intro of the Audrey Horne (USA) - Teledildonics album, continuing the musical narrative with the powerful and assertive John Humphrey Bit My Finger march.
The Bombass Soda Bread & Luke Warm Budweiser track captures the attention with a mid-tempo majestic anthemic march, ending the musical bars with a sparkling guitar solo.
The guitar solo, with its classical influences, soars in a swift whirl, ending in waves of mid-tempo pulsation of the Kittens, Inspired By Kittens rhythmic march.
Intriguing brooding artistic guitar passages weave an enchanting lace of musical charm, drawing you into the expanse of dreams, but then focus the main motifs on the dense and harsh Evil Shenanigans march. The I Can't Stop Looking At This Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix’s Dumb Fucking Face track develops the martiality of the previous track, making even more explicit and sparkling readiness for duels and battles, at times embellishing the harsh musical procession with sparkling guitar solos.
Beginning with a dense and persistent procession, the Do Meth, Drink Beer, Eat Flamin' Hot Cheetos harsh solemn anthem infuses the musical lace with significance and confidence in the changes to come, continuing similar stylistic licks in the sound of the Angry Billy Goat Terrorizes Town album's final track, adding sparks of progressive artistry to the musical passages.