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Call the punisher to do his job

March 05, 2022
Sin Starlett - Call To The Punisher

Acoustic Intro - Kings Prelude acts as introduction to the Boozing Days composition, supplementing the melodic charm of the musical essence of the Sin Starlett - Call To The Punisher album with vocal reflections at first with thoughtful doubts, but then soaring in a whirl of rebellious surge together with the musical pressure. The Overtaker intro rolls in waves of energetic drive, creating a springboard for the vocal ascension of the verse, retreating before the thoughtfulness and reflection of the chorus.
The intriguing, artistic and unhurried introduction prepares the listener for the full-scale unfolding of the Resurrection Of Death artistic musical saga. The Forever Gone composition rolls in waves of persistent rhythmicity, advancing persistently and stubbornly along the chosen musical path.
Insistently, relentlessly, with alternating rapid whirls and solemn fragments, the Mendacity song rolls out waves of musical diversity, continuing a similar stylistic musical pattern in the sound of the Addicted To Metal composition, developing musical variations in a more extended and exciting format.
After some thoughtfulness of the intro guitar solo, the Sin After Sin song transforms its sound into energetic and exciting leitmotif, anticipating further development of the musical essence of the Call To The Punisher title track, beginning with a soft acoustic guitar solo, then developing into a deadly musical dance, developing similar musical changes in the Winds Of Fury final composition of the album, complete with artistic swirls of vocals inspiration.