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A game that creates a fairy tale

December 16, 2022
Memories Of Old - The Zeramin Game

The In Exordium narrative of the sage begins the story of the musical tale of the Memories Of Old - The Zeramin Game album, continuing with an exciting Overture intro, anticipating the musical story of The Land of Xia composition, in which the musical motifs of the exciting tale will complement the lyrical and emotional vocal phrases woven in the charm of musical artistry.
The intriguing interweaving of threads of musical lace anticipates and inspires the ascent of the Zera's Shadow musical fairy tale to the pedestal of unity of symphonic grandeur and musical charm, bringing elements of restrained drive with the introduction of vocals, continuing with the solemn procession of the valiant guard detachment in the unhurried sound of the Some Day Soon majestic anthem and the romantic charm and melodic grandeur of the Destiny minstrel ballad, enchanting with the incredible artistry of the guitar solo instrumental part.
But in the musical fairy tale of the album, memories of sea wanderings are also manifested in the sound of the Across the Seas epic saga and the sound of the waves of the introduction of the Arrival composition, the intriguing mystery of the development of musical variations and the further flight of sparkling musical passages and inspired vocal passages preceding the A Hooded Traveller narrative of the sage in the continuing marine theme of the Fowlen's Revenge musical story, billowing with a whirlwind of sparkling guitar solo, preceding a rhythmic musical march with vocals introduction.
The twilight mystery of the musical atmosphere of the The Zeramin Game album's title track begins its final segment with a unity of rhythmic drive and the vocal phrases of melodic charm crowning it and the Finale end of the album's musical story.