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An epic canvas of ancient legends

November 03, 2020
Skeptik - Reborn in Darkness

The melodic charm of the guitar solo anticipates the periodic whirlwinds of fast-paced drive and the introduction of the emotional melodies of the Wings of the Gryphon vocals. The epic narration of the Battle Hymns (feat. Tiago Costa) saga continues the sound of the Skeptik - Reborn in Darkness album, alternating the impetuous drive of verses with solemn anthems of the choruses. A mesmerizing symphony of folklore motifs takes you on a journey through the Den of the Fallen fairy tale.
After the thunder and noise of bad weather, the I Call to the Nameless music is intertwined with the vocal part in a mesmerizing mid-tempo melody dance. The symphonic loftiness of the keyboard solo sets the direction for the development of the No Regrets main motive, then wraps around the vocal phrases with sparkling threads of the guitar solo. After the drum roll and guitar solo of the intro, the Berzerker (feat. Faceless) explodes into a whirlwind of fast-paced drive in the fury of a musical thriller. The majestic saga of the Roggchorrath (feat. Nero Cremisi) orchestral symphony presupposes the development of a solemn anthem combining growling and screaming in a vocal duo.
The vocal part comes to the fore of the musical image of the Words Are Weapons inspired ballad, condensing its phrases in a fast-paced recitative. The vocal part lightens the sound of the Dreams Made Truth romantic ballad, replacing furious growling with inspirational tunes of clean vocals. The keyboard suite creates a musical combination of playfulness and sublimity, the Phantom's Pub (feat. Jarlshof) vocals then alternating between harsh growling and inspiration from clean vocals. The title track Reborn in Darkness concludes the album, combining vocal emotionality with the sublime influence of classical music.