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Dimension over time

November 04, 2020
Andromida (USA) - Timeless

A bright and inspirational guitar solo weaves a lace of progressive instrumental passages to create the mesmerizing sound of the Dimensions romantic ballad. Keyboard motifs come to the forefront of the musical image of Dissimulation composition, then a dark guitar solo complements the Andromida (USA) - Timeless album's sound with twilight mystery. The guitar solo walks in the pensive leisurely romantic thoughts of the Severance song.
The sublime doubts of the Universal musical passages create a mesmerizing lace of instrumental tale. The final part of the composition combines the sparkling inspiration of a guitar solo with a dark background of guitar riffs. The Panspermia keyboards passages blend in mesmerizing reverie with thrilling guitar solos. The futuristic impulses of distorted guitar riffs are combined with the mystery of the Limitless (feat. Giuseppe Gilardi) keyboard experiences. The keyboard passages set the direction for the development of the Abstraction main motive, forcing the mysterious pulsations of the mid-tempo march.
Echoes of a futuristic atmosphere combine keyboard and guitar parts in the Fortitude fantastic mystery. The unhurried and mysterious Balance keyboards passages are combined with the echo of a guitar solo, introducing the epic symphony of the title track Timeless, ending the album with an enchanting lace of musical diversity.