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  1. 000
    EBM / Aggrotech / Industrial Dance, Industrial Metal/NDH, Techno
  2. 101 Strings Orchestra
    Chillout/Easy Listening, Funk, Instrumental Pop, Orchestral Pop, Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Vocal Pop
  3. 11Grams
    EBM / Aggrotech / Industrial Dance, Synth Pop
  4. Absent Hearts
  5. Acathexis
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  6. Ace Of Spades
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Tribute Albums
  7. Acheronthia Styx
    Melodic Death
  8. Achillea
    Power Metal
  9. Achim Schreiner
    Hard Rock
  10. Across the Frostlands
    Industrial Metal/NDH
  11. Act of Denial
    Death Metal, Groove Metal
  12. Adaestuo
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  13. Aeonian Sorrow
    Funeral Doom
  14. Aera
    Pagan Metal/Rock
  15. Agata & Me
  16. Ahl Sina
    Folk Metal, Middle East, Progressive Metal
  17. Akani
    Groove Metal
  18. Aksak Maboul
    Avantgarde, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  19. Aktor (INT)
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  20. Alchemy Fire
    Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal
  21. Alizbar
    Alternative Rock, Traditional Bluegrass, World Fusion
  22. All For Metal
    Heavy Metal
  23. Allen/Olzon
    Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
  24. AM & Shawn Lee
    Downtempo, Indie Electronic, Psychedelic
  25. Amagra
    Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, Psy-Trance
  26. Amahiru
    Heavy Metal, Power Metal
  27. Amakan
    Melodic Death
  28. Amazing Keystone Big Band
    Big Band, Chanson, French, French Pop
  29. Amuleto De Calamidades
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  30. AN21 & Max Vangeli
    Tech House
  31. Ancient Settlers
    Death Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  32. Andeis
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  33. Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
    Acid Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Fusion
  34. Angel of Eden
    Power Metal
  35. Annysia
    Symphonic Metal
  36. Answer Lies in the Black Void
    Doom Metal
  37. Antim-Sanskar
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Doom Metal
  38. Antiqva
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  39. Aphonic Threnody
    Death Metal, Funeral Doom
  40. Apparition (INT)
    Progressive Trance, Tech House
  41. Aran Angmar
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  42. Archivist (INT)
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  43. Archon Angel
    Power Metal, Progressive Metal
  44. Arise From Worms
    Technical Death
  45. Artificial Memory Trace
    Ambient, Electro, Experimental
  46. Asemix
    Abstract, Ambient, Glitch
  47. Ashcloud
    Death Metal
  48. Ashrain
    Heavy Metal, Power Metal
  49. Asinhell
    Death Metal
  50. Assassin's Blade
    Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
  51. Association P.C.
    Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Jazz Fusion, Jazz-Rock
  52. Astray (ITA)
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  53. At 1980
    Synth Pop, Synthwave
  54. Atomic (SWE, NOR)
    Free Jazz / Free Improvisation
  55. Atomic Unit
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  56. Available Jelly
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Modern Creative
  57. Azusa
    Experimental, Progressive Metal
  58. Ba Cissoko
    Afro, Afro-Beat, Afro-Pop, Worldbeat
  59. Background Radiation
    Downtempo, Indie Electronic
  60. Bagorah
    Hard Rock
  61. Bahramji & Swann
    Ambient, Chillout/Easy Listening, Ethnic
  62. Baltimora
    Disco, Italian Pop, Synth Pop
  63. Band
    Country Rock, Folk-Rock, Rock & Roll
  64. Barnestormers
  65. Bass Drum Bone
    Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Modern Creative
  66. Beloved Ghouls
    Death Metal, Horror Rock, Thrash
  67. Benjamin Braxton
    Euro-Dance, House
  68. Beta
  69. Billow Observatory
    Ambient, Drone, Experimental Techno, Shoegaze
  70. Bipolar Architecture
    Post-Rock/Post-Metal, Progressive Metal
  71. Black Eye
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  72. Blak29
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  73. Blood Red Soul
    Gothic Metal, Symphonic Metal
  74. Bloodorn
    Power Metal
  75. Bloody Faeries
    New Age
  76. BluSkay & KeyPlayer
    Psy-Trance, Trance
  77. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer
    House, Tech House, Techno
  78. Brave Old World
    Jewish Music, Klezmer
  79. Broken Memories
  80. Buffalo Trio
    Grunge, Stoner Rock
  81. Bull Funk Zoo
    Blues Rock, Hard Rock
  82. Bullet-Proof
    Heavy Metal, Thrash
  83. Burgundy Grapes
    Ambient, Experimental, Indie Electronic
  84. Cadaveric Poison
    Death Metal, Thrash
  85. Cage Fight
    Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk, Thrash
  86. Caspro
    Future Pop, Synth Pop
  87. Catalyst Crime
    Symphonic Metal
  88. Catastrophic Evolution
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  89. Cerebral Paralysis
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  90. Cetus (INT)
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  91. Chalice of Sin
    Heavy Metal, Power Metal
  92. Chamber Orchestra of Europe
    Classical, Symphonic Orchestra
  93. Change
    Dance Pop, Disco, Funk, Pop-Soul
  94. Chaos Magic
    Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
  95. Cherry Casino & The Gamblers
    Rock & Roll, Rockabilly
  96. Chikara
    Death Metal, Grindcore/Crust, Sludge Metal
  97. Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
    Contemporary Bluegrass, Country
  98. Chronicles Project
    Power Metal, Progressive Metal
  99. Circle Of Friends
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  100. Circus of Rock
    Heavy Metal
  101. Citowicz, Andrzej
    Guitar Virtuoso/Shred, Hard Rock, Instrumental/Acoustic Rock
  102. City Of Lights
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  103. Clouds (INT)
    Doom Metal
  104. Coiled Around Thy Spine
    Melodic Death
  105. Coldawn
    Ambient, Black Industrial
  106. Collapse Of Light
    Death Metal, Doom Metal
  107. Coma Cluster Void
    Avantgarde, Death Metal
  108. Company (free improvisation group)
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Modern Creative
  109. Conquer Divide
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore
  110. Conscious And The Automatic
    Pop Rock, Soft Rock
  111. Contemporary Piano Ensemble
    Contemporary Jazz, Post Bop
  112. Cool Million
    Disco, Funk, Soul
  113. Courettes
    Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Rock & Roll
  114. Cross Country Driver
    Hard Rock
  115. Crossfyre
    Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Southern/Desert Rock
  116. Crossing Rubicon (multi)
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  117. Cry Venom
    Power Metal
  118. Crying Vessel
    Darkwave/Coldwave, Gothic Rock, Synth Pop
  119. DagaDana
    Contemporary Jazz, Folk-Jazz
  120. Damanek
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  121. Dark Element
    Symphonic Metal
  122. Dark Matter (INT)
    Dark Ambient, Doom Metal
  123. Dark Rites
    Melodic Death
  124. Darkened
    Death Metal
  125. Das Kapital
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Crossover Jazz
  126. Das Kuhn
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  127. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe
    Industrial, Noise
  128. De Arma
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  129. De La Tierra
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Groove Metal
  130. Dead Witches
    Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
  131. Death Index
    Post-Punk, Punk
  132. Deathtrip
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  133. Decimated Humans
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  134. Decortication
    Death Metal
  135. Decoy (multi)
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  136. Deep-Pression
    Ambient, Black Metal/Post-Black, Blackgaze, Dark Ambient, Darkwave/Coldwave, Doom Metal, Downtempo, Drone, Experimental, Industrial, Noise, Post-Rock/Post-Metal, Shoegaze
  137. Defect Designer
    Death Metal, Progressive Metal
  138. Delusional Parasitosis
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  139. Demons Down
    Heavy Metal
  140. Departure Chandelier
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  141. Deracinated
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  142. DeVicious
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Arena Rock, Hard Rock
  143. Diablastador
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  144. Die Like A Dog Quartet
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz / Free Improvisation
  145. DIETH
    Death Metal, Thrash
  146. Dilemma
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  147. Dimensional Decay
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  148. Dionysian Rites
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal, Doom Metal
  149. Diostooorsion
    Death Metal
  150. Diskarnate
    Synth Pop
  151. Disowning
    Death Metal
  152. Doctor 3
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Fusion
  153. DOMi & JD BECK
    Contemporary Jazz
  154. Douleur Atroce
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  155. Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto
    House, Tech House
  156. Dreadful Relic
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  157. Dream Unending
    Death Metal, Doom Metal
  158. Drifting Sun
    Alternative Rock, Soft Rock
  159. Duo Balance
    Chanson, French Pop
  160. Dynasty Of Darkness
    Death Metal, Sympho-Black
  161. Dzierzynski Bitz
    Indie Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk
  162. East Meets West
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  163. Echelon (multi)
    Death Metal
  164. EchoTest
    Ambient, Experimental, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  165. Ectoplasm (INT)
    Deathcore/Brutal Death, Technical Death
  166. Edmund Simental
    Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Fusion, Mainstream Jazz, Smooth Jazz
  167. El Capon
    Club Dance / EDM
  168. Electro Deluxe Big Band
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Electro-Jazz
  169. Electronomicon
    Heavy Metal
  170. Elite Five
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  171. Ellis, Kate
    Americana, Country
  172. Engorgerectomy
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  173. Engorging The Autopsy
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  174. Ensemble Polyharmonique
    Baroque, Classical
  175. Envy Of None
    Pop Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  176. Erinyes
    Symphonic Metal
  177. Erotic Desires (CD Series)
    Progressive Trance, Trance
  178. Estuarine
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Progressive Metal, Technical Death
  179. Eternal Journey Project
    Progressive Metal
  180. Eternal Moment
    Downtempo, Lounge, World Fusion
  181. European Jazz Trio
    Post Bop
  182. Evans & Stokes
    Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal
  183. Eximinds
    Progressive Trance, Trance
  184. Exit Eden
    Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
  185. Exorcism
    Doom Metal, Heavy Metal
  186. Exploded View
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
  187. Eye Of Fenris
    Melodic Death
  188. Eye of Melian
    Celtic New Age, Neo-Classical
  189. Eyoth
    Folk Metal, Melodic Black
  190. EZoo
    Hard Rock
  191. Fake Names
  192. Farafina
    Afro, Afro-Beat, Contemporary Folk, Ethnic, Ethnic Fusion
  193. Fatigue
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Doom Metal
  194. Fecal God
    Deathcore/Brutal Death, Explicit content
  195. Ferrochrome
    Electro, Synth Pop
  196. Final Light
    Darkwave/Coldwave, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  197. Forces United
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore, Power Metal, Progressive Metal
  198. Formaldehydist
    Death Metal
  199. Fraktal
    Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic, Space Rock
  200. Francois And The Atlas Mountains
    Folk-Rock, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Pop Rock