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Country  Great Britain
  1. $up
  2. (Akala)
    Gangsta/Thug Rap, Hip-Hop
  3. ...And The Hangnails
    Indie Rock, Punk
  4. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental
  5. 1 Giant Leap
    Ambient, Experimental
  6. 10 Reasons To Live
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  7. 100% Proof
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Christian Music
  8. 10CC
    Album Rock, Alternative Dance, Experimental, Pop-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Soft Rock
  9. 1919
    Gothic Rock, Post-Punk
  10. 1975
    Indie Rock
  11. 1984 (GBR)
    Blues-Rock, Hard Rock
  12. 2 Bears
    House, Indie Electronic
  13. 22-20's
    Blues-Rock, British Trad Rock
  14. 220 KID
    Dance Pop
  15. 23-Infinity
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  16. 24 Pesos
  17. 25 Yard Screamer
  18. 2wo
    Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH
  19. 3 Amigos
    Hip-Hop, Underground Rap
  20. 3 Stages Of Pain
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Groove Metal
  21. 32FramesPerSecond
    Hardcore Punk, Skatepunk
  22. 36
    Ambient, Experimental
  23. 39Steps
    Downtempo, Trip-Hop
  24. 3Sixty
    Hard Rock
  25. 40 Watt Sun
    Doom Metal
  26. 400 Horses
    Hard Rock
  27. 41Thirty
    Heavy Metal, Southern/Desert Rock
  28. 485C
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  29. 48Hours
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Hard Rock
  30. 4Hero
    Electronic/Electropop, Jungle/Drum 'N Bass
  31. 5 Star
    Funk, Pop-Soul, R&B
  32. 52 Commercial Road
  33. 65daysofstatic
    Experimental Rock, Glitch, Post-Rock/Experimental
  34. 6Blocc
  35. 6th Borough Project
    Deep House, Disco
  36. 7 Seconds Of Love
    Ska, Ska-Punk/Skacore
  37. 77:78
    Indie Rock, Psychedelic
  38. 7th Child
    Technical Death
  39. 9 Days Down
  40. 93 Million Miles From The Sun
    Noise Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Shoegaze
  41. 99 Souls
  42. 9bach
    Alternative Folk, Contemporary Folk, Indie Folk
  43. 9Blind
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  44. 9xDead
    Explicit content, Gothic Metal
  45. A Dancing Beggar
    Ambient, Post-Rock/Experimental, Shoegaze
  46. A Distorted Utopia
    Death Metal, Instrumental/Acoustic Rock
  47. A Dying Reign
    Mathcore, Progressive Metal
  48. A Horse Called War
    Sludge Metal
  49. A II Z
    British Metal/NWOBHM, Heavy Metal
  50. A Lily
    Ambient, Experimental
  51. A Night In The Abyss
    Deathcore/Brutal Death, Symphonic Metal, Technical Death
  52. A Ritual Spirit
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Hard Rock
  53. A Torn Mind
    Progressive Metal
  54. A.Human
    Indie Rock
  55. A.R. Kane
    Alternative Dance, Alternative Pop/Rock, Dream Pop
  56. A.S.A.P.
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  57. A1
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Euro-Pop, Pop-Rock, Vocal Pop
  58. Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics
    Hard Rock
  59. Abacus, Jodie
    Funk, Soul
  60. Abadden
  61. Abakus
    Ambient, Downtempo
  62. Abandoned By Light
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  63. Abandoned Stars
    Progressive Metal
  64. ABBAcadabra
    Disco, Hi-NRG, House
  65. Abbotoir
    Funeral Doom
  66. Abbott & Chambers
    Progressive Trance, Trance
  67. ABC
    New Wave, Synth Pop
  68. Abduction (GBR)
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  69. Abhorrent Decimation
    Death Metal
  70. Abigail's Mercy
    Goth Doom/Dark Metal
  71. Abjects
    Garage Rock Revival, Indie Pop, Punk, Surf Rock
  72. Ablach
    Death Metal, Grindcore/Crust
  73. About A Plane Crash
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  74. Above & Beyond - Group Therapy Radio
    House, Progressive/Tech House, Trance
  75. Above & Beyond - Trance Around The World (Radioshow)
    Club Dance, Electronic/Electropop, Euro-Dance, Progressive Trance, Trance
  76. Above and Beyond
    House, Progressive Trance, Trance
  77. Abraham, Lee
    Progressive Metal
  78. Abrahams, Leo
    Country Rock, Folk-Rock
  79. Abs
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Club Dance, Dance Pop, Teen Pop, Urban
  80. Absent Elk
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  81. Absentee
    Country Rock, Indie Rock
  82. Absolute Power
    Heavy Metal, Power Metal
  83. Absolution (GBR)
    Death Metal
  84. Absolutist
    Hardcore Punk, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  85. Absolva
    Heavy Metal
  86. Abyssal (GBR)
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  87. AC Soul Symphony
  88. Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields
  89. Accentus (GBR)
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  90. Accretion Disk
    Progressive Metal
  91. Accursed Kingdom
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  92. Accursed Years
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Folk Metal, Melodic Death
  93. Ace Lane
    British Metal/NWOBHM
  94. Ace Of Clubs
    Acid House
  95. Ace Of Hearts
    Gothic Love Metal, Gothic Rock
  96. Achievers
  97. Achilla
    Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal
  98. Achren
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Thrash
  99. Acid Empire
    Progressive Metal
  100. Acid Reign
  101. Acker Bilk
    Chillout/Easy Listening, Dixieland, New Orleans Jazz
  102. Ackroyd, Poppy
    Ambient, Electro-Acoustic, Neo-Classical
  103. Acolyte (Gbr)
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Progressive Metal
  104. Acoustic Ladyland
    Fusion, Jazz-Rock
  105. Acres
    Experimental, Post-Hardcore
  106. Acrimony
    Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
  107. Acritarch
    Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH
  108. Acrnym
    Ambient, Breakcore, Glitch
  109. Action Directe
    Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro, Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH, Oi!
  110. Activa
  111. Actress (GBR)
    Deep House, Experimental Techno, Minimal Techno
  112. Acts of Winter
    Alternative/Nu Metal
  113. Adair, Alex
  114. Adam Ironside
    Fusion, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  115. Adam Loveridge
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  116. Adamson, Barry
    Alternative Dance, Alternative Pop/Rock, Funk Rock, Neo-Psychedelia
  117. Adele
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Neo Soul, Soul
  118. Adequate Seven
  119. Ades, Thomas
  120. Adfinem (GBR)
    Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro, Synth Pop
  121. Adicts
  122. ADJ
  123. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Psychedelic, Stoner Rock
  124. Adorior
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  125. Adrenicide
  126. Adverts
  127. Advisory Circle
    Ambient, Electronic/Electropop, Experimental
  128. Aedra (GBR)
    Progressive Metal
  129. Aeon Zen
    Progressive Metal
  130. Aeonian Dog
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  131. Aevum Nova
    Ambient, Experimental, Progressive Metal
  132. Afflicted (GBR)
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  133. Afro Kid
    Drum N Bass
  134. After Dark (GBR)
    Heavy Metal
  135. After Hours
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  136. After The Abduction
    Death Metal
  137. After The Fire
    New Wave, Synth Pop
  138. After The Last Sky
    Death Metal, Grindcore/Crust, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  139. After Your Betrayal
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  140. Aftereffect
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Pop-Rock
  141. Afterlife (GBR)
    Ambient Dub, Chillout/Easy Listening, Downtempo, Lounge, Tribal-House
  142. Against Music Industry
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  143. Against The Flood
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  144. Age Of Echoes
    Contemporary Instrumental, Newage
  145. Age of Giants
    Indie Pop
  146. Age Of Kali
    Hardcore Punk, Straight-Edge
  147. Age Of Taurus
    Doom Metal, Heavy Metal
  148. Ageless Oblivion
    Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Technical Death
  149. Agents Of The Sun
    Alternative/Nu Metal
  150. Ages (Gbr)
    Indie Rock, Retro-Rock/Vintage Rock
  151. Aggro
    Death Metal, Groove Metal, Melodic Death, Thrash
  152. Aggro Santos
    Dance Pop, R&B
  153. Aghast Manor
    Dark Ambient, Industrial
  154. Agincourt
    Heavy Metal
  155. Agony Bag
    Heavy Metal
  156. Agora (Gbr)
    Deep House, Disco, House
  157. Ags Connolly
  158. Agvirre
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  159. Ahab (GBR)
    Alternative Folk, Alternative Pop/Rock, Folk-Rock
  160. Ainshval
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  161. Ainslie, Tim
  162. Air Castles
    Indie Pop
  163. Air Formation
  164. Airey, Don
    Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  165. Airhead (GBR)
    Abstract, Downtempo, Dubstep
  166. Airrace
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  167. Airship
    Indie Rock
  168. Aitch
  169. AJ Tracey
    Grime, Hip-Hop
  170. Akabu
    Deep House, Electronic/Electropop, House
  171. Akase
    Ambient, House
  172. Akasha (GBR)
    Big Beat, Downtempo, Fusion, Trip-Hop
  173. Akira Kayosa
    Progressive Electronic, Progressive Trance
  174. Akkord
    IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Techno
  175. Alamos
    Indie Rock, New Wave
  176. Alaska & Paradox
    Ambient, Downtempo, Drum N Bass
  177. Alastria
    Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Symphonic Orchestra
  178. ALB
    Drum N Bass
  179. Albion Codex
    Doom Metal, Progressive Metal
  180. Alcainein
    Hard Rock
  181. Alcoplasm
    Punk Rock, Ska-Punk/Skacore
  182. Alder, Louise
    Classical, Opera
  183. Alesha Dixon
    Dance Pop, Euro-Pop
  184. Alestorm
    Epic (Viking) Metal, Folk Metal, Power Metal
  185. ALEX (GBR)
    Electronic/Electropop, Synth Pop
  186. Alex Metric
    Break Beat, Electronic/Electropop, Synth Pop
  187. Alex Reece
    Drum N Bass
  188. Alex Smoke
    Glitch, House, Minimal Techno
  189. Alfa 9
    Indie Rock
  190. Alfie
    Britpop, Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia
  191. Ali Wilson
  192. Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne
  193. Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood
  194. Ali, Kelli
    Electronic/Electropop, Indie Pop
  195. Alien Drive
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  196. Alien Operator
    Goa Trance, Psy-Trance
  197. Aliens
  198. Alkan, Erol
    Acid House, Techno
  199. All Consumed
    Death Metal, Groove Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  200. All Guns Blazing
    Groove Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore