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Country  France
  1. Öblivïon
    Heavy Metal, Power Metal
  2. Öxxö Xööx
    Goth Doom/Dark Metal
  3. (Please) Don't Blame Mexico
    Indie Pop
  4. -M-
  5. 10 Rue D'La Madeleine
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk
  6. 11 As In Adversaries
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  7. 13 Block
  8. 1980
    Death Metal
  9. 1984 (FRA)
    Hard Rock
  10. 23 Trublion 23
    Experimental, Folk-Rock
  11. 23:31
    Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro
  12. 29/09
    Death Metal, Grindcore/Crust
  13. 2methyl
    Drum N Bass, Dubstep, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Industrial
  14. 4/3 De Trio
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  15. 49 Swimming Pools
    Folk-Pop, Indie Folk, Pop-Rock
  16. 5 Sexless Years
    Hard Rock
  17. 69 (FRA)
    Electronic/Electropop, Experimental, Indie Pop, Psychedelic
  18. 6:33
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Experimental
  19. 7 Weeks
    Hard Rock, Stoner Rock
  20. 7 Years Back
    Alternative/Nu Metal
  21. 7th Nemesis
    Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Technical Death, Thrash
  22. 8control
    Groove Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  23. A Different Day
    Hardcore Punk
  24. A Home For Ghosts
    Ambient, Drone, Experimental
  25. A Lost Fear
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  26. A Second Of June
    Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Shoegaze
  27. A.c.o.D.
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Thrash
  28. A.n.K.h //
    Abstract, Dark Ambient, Experimental
  29. A.S Dragon
    Pop-Rock, Punk, Synth Pop
  30. A.S.T.R.O
    Emo, Post-Hardcore
  31. A7ie
    Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro, Techno
  32. Aabsinthe
    Progressive Metal, Technical Death
  33. aAirial
    Ambient, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)
  34. Aakon Keetreh
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Dark Ambient
  35. AaRON (Fra)
    Indie Pop, Pop-Rock
  36. Ab Ovo
    Ambient, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)
  37. Abacab
    Progressive Metal
  38. Abduction (FRA)
    Death Metal, Progressive Metal
  39. Abime
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  40. Abitbollus
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  41. Aboroth
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  42. Abrahma
    Doom Metal, Psychedelic, Stoner Rock
  43. Abrial, Patrick
    Blues-Rock, Folk-Rock, French Pop, Singer/Songwriter
  44. Abril, Victoria
    Bossa Nova, Chanson, Latin Pop, Vocal Pop
  45. Absconditus
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  46. Absinthebolik
    Technical Death
  47. Absolu
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  48. Absolute (Fra)
  49. Absolute Valentine
    New Wave, Retro pop, Synth Pop
  50. Abstrusa Unde
    Progressive Metal, Sympho-Black
  51. Absurdity
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  52. Abysmal Growls Of Despair
    Drone, Funeral Doom
  53. Abyssanctum
    Dark Wave/Coldwave, Gothic Rock, New Wave
  54. Abysse
    Experimental, Progressive Metal
  55. Acanthe
    Progressive Metal
  56. Accentus (FRA)
  57. Acetate Zero
    Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Shoegaze
  58. Acid Arab
    Break Beat, Disco, House, Techno
  59. Acid Fuzz Factory
    Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
  60. Acide Sulfurique
    Ambient, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop
  61. Across The Divide
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore
  62. Act Of Gods
    Death Metal
  63. Action Nano
    Disco, Electronic/Electropop, J-Pop, Synth Pop, Trance
  64. ACWL
    Gothic Rock
  65. Acyl
    Folk Metal, Progressive Metal
  66. Ad Desolatum Et Silentium
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  67. Ad Hominem
    NS Black Metal
  68. Ad Inferna
    Dark Trance, EBM (Industrial Dance), Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro, Sympho-Black
  69. Ad Noctem
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  70. Ad Patres
    Death Metal
  71. Ad Vitam Aeternam
    Goth Doom/Dark Metal, Symphonic Metal
  72. Adagio (Fra)
    Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal
  73. Adam, Adolphe Charles
  74. Adanowsky
  75. Addicted
    Death Metal
  76. Admortem (FRA)
    Death Metal
  77. Adrana
    Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal
  78. Advocatus Diaboli
    Folk Metal, Goth Doom/Dark Metal
  79. ADX
    Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
  80. Aeden
  81. Aeli, Manu
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Progressive Metal
  82. Aephanemer
    Melodic Death
  83. Aes Dana (FRA, Lyon)
  84. Aes Dana (FRA, Paris)
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Folk Metal, Pagan Metal
  85. Aesmah
    Melodic Death
  86. Aesthesia
    Hard Rock
  87. Aeterna Hystoria
    Progressive Metal
  88. Aeterna Tenebrae
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Pagan Metal
  89. Aevlord
    Experimental Rock, Sympho-Black
  90. Afflicted (FRA)
    Death Metal, Thrash
  91. Afflictis Lentae
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  92. Afromento
    Deep House, House
  93. Afterglow (FRA)
    Neo-Progressive, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  94. Agar Agar
    Disco, Synth Pop
  95. Aghast (FRA)
    Groove Metal
  96. Aghone
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  97. Agnosys
    Melodic Death
  98. Agoria
    Progressive/Tech House, Techno
  99. Agossi, Mina
    Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Vocal Jazz
  100. Agressor (Fra)
    Death Metal, Thrash
  101. Aiata, Anouk
    Contemporary Folk, French, Vocal Jazz
  102. Aigro Mucifelam
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  103. Aimard, Pierre-Laurent
  104. Ain
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  105. Ainulindale
    Folk-Rock, Instrumental/Acoustic Rock
  106. Air
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Ambient Pop, Club Dance, Downtempo, Electronic/Electropop, Indie Pop, Lo-Fi, Movie Soundtrack, New Wave, Soft Rock, Synth Pop, Trip-Hop
  107. Air Jazz Quartet
    Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, Tribute Albums
  108. Airplane
    Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Shoegaze
  109. Aiwa
    Electronic/Electropop, Jungle/Drum 'N Bass
  110. Akasava
    Doom Metal, Psychedelic
  111. Akchote, Noel
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz
  112. Akentra
    Symphonic Metal
  113. AkiaveL
    Melodic Death
  114. Akphaezya
    Avant-Prog, Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal
  115. Akroma
    Progressive Metal, Sympho-Black
  116. Aksaya
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  117. AKScrew
  118. Akshan
    Downtempo, Progressive Trance
  119. Al Willis & The New Swingsters
    Pop-Rock, Rockabilly
  120. Alagna, Roberto
    Opera, Romantic
  121. Alain Souchon
    Chanson, French Pop
  122. Alain, Marie-Claire
    Baroque, Classical
  123. Alan Braxe
    Electro-Techno, House
  124. Alaska (FRA)
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore
  125. Alber Jupiter
    Kraut Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Psychedelic, Space Rock
  126. Albert Roussel
  127. Alcest
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Post-Rock/Experimental, Progressive Metal, Shoegaze
  128. ALCH3MY
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Grunge
  129. Aldaaron
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Pagan Metal
  130. Aldebert
    Alternative Pop/Rock, French Pop
  131. Alea Jacta Est
    Hardcore Punk, Straight-Edge
  132. Aleqs Notal
    Drum N Bass, Techno
  133. Alerion
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  134. Algorithm
    Djent, Mathcore, Progressive Metal
  135. Alice And Cecile
    Jazz-Pop, Soul Jazz
  136. Alien Deviant Circus
    Black Industrial, Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH
  137. Alif Tree
    Acid Jazz, Downtempo, Lo-Fi, Trip-Hop
  138. Alizee
    Club Dance, Dance Pop, Euro-Dance, Euro-Pop, French Pop, Teen Pop, Vocal Pop
  139. Alkalys
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental
  140. Alkan, Charles
  141. Alkemyst
    Power Metal, Speed Metal
  142. Alkozaur
  143. Alkymia
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Deathcore/Brutal Death
  144. All Angels Gone
  145. Allegiance (FRA)
  146. Allure (FRA)
    Electronic/Electropop, French Pop
  147. Alma (FRA)
    Euro-Pop, French Pop
  148. Alonzo
    Foreign Rap
  149. Alour, Chrystelle
    Contemporary Jazz
  150. Alour, Sophie
    Post Bop, Smooth Jazz
  151. Alpes
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  152. Altered Shade
    Death Metal, Thrash
  153. Altesia
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Progressive Metal
  154. Altess
    Groove Metal, Noise
  155. Aluk Todolo
    Avant-Prog, Psychedelic
  156. Alwaid
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  157. Amanda Lear
    Club Dance, Disco
  158. Amanda Woodward
    Emo, Post-Hardcore
  159. Amar, Armand
    Ambient, Newage
  160. Amartia
    Gothic Rock, Progressive Metal
  161. Amathy, Frantz
    Contemporary Instrumental, Newage
  162. Amelie-Les-Crayons
    Chanson, French, French Pop
  163. Amesha Spenta
    Ambient, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Industrial
  164. Amethys
    Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
  165. Amethyste
    Death Metal, Deathcore/Brutal Death
  166. Amir
    Dance Pop
  167. Amon Sethis
    Progressive Metal
  168. Amoyal, Pierre
  169. Amoyel, Pascal
  170. Amphetamin
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  171. Amphitryon
    Doom Metal, Melodic Death
  172. Amsterdam Red Light District
  173. An Erotic End Of Times
    Gothic Metal, Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH
  174. Anachronia
    Heavy Metal, Power Metal
  175. Anaid
    Jazz-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  176. Anakeion
    Goth Doom/Dark Metal
  177. Analog 80
    Downtempo, Synth Pop
  178. Ananta
    Death Metal, Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH
  179. Anaon
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Folk Metal
  180. Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz
    Abstract, Hip-Hop, Tribal, Trip-Hop
  181. Anarkia (Fra)
  182. Anasazi
    Epic (Viking) Metal, Progressive Metal
  183. Anaxagor
    Death Metal, Thrash
  184. Ancalagon (FRA)
    Pagan Metal
  185. Ancestral Fog
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  186. Ancetres
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  187. And Summer Dies
    Death Metal, Doom Metal
  188. Andrade, Mayra
    Afro-Beat, Worldbeat
  189. Andreel
    Bossa Nova, Chanson
  190. Andromakers
    Synth Pop
  191. Ange
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Psychedelic, Space Rock
  192. Angellore
    Doom Metal
  193. Angest Herre
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Doom Metal
  194. Angher
    Power Metal, Thrash
  195. Angmar (Fra)
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  196. Ania
    French Pop, Pop-Rock
  197. Animal Triste
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  198. Animali
    Indie Pop, Psychedelic
  199. Animus Herilis
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  200. Ankrismah
    Black Metal/Post-Black