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Country  England
  1. µ-Ziq
    Ambient Dub, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)
  2. 21st Meadow Street
    Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk
  3. 50 Tons of Black Terror
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Pop Rock
  4. 60 Ft. Dolls
    Alternative Rock, Britpop, Hard Rock
  5. 808 State
    Acid House, Club Dance / EDM, House, Techno
  6. 911
    Dance Pop, Teen Pop
  7. A Certain Ratio
    Acid Jazz, Alternative Dance, Alternative Rock, Breaks, Downtempo, Electro, Electro-Techno, Funk, House, Indie Rock, Jazz-Funk, Leftfield, New Wave, Post-Punk, Soul, Synth Pop
  8. A Different Self
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Groove Metal
  9. A. L. Lloyd
    Alternative Folk, Contemporary Folk, Traditional Bluegrass
  10. A.L. Lloyd
    British Folk, Contemporary Folk, Scottish Folk
  11. A.P.E. (GBR)
    Ambient, Downtempo
  12. ABWH
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  13. Acidburp
    Acid House, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)
  14. Acoustic Alchemy
    Contemporary Instrumental, Contemporary Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Smooth Jazz
  15. Adam Ellis
    Progressive Electronic, Progressive Trance
  16. Adam Faith
    Britpop, Pop Rock
  17. Adam Sky
    Acid House, Techno
  18. Adastreia
    Gothic Metal, Symphonic Metal
  19. Adiemus
    Ethnic Fusion, Meditative
  20. Adrenaline
  21. Aeonica
    Folk-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  22. Affinity (GBR)
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  23. Afro Celt Sound System
    Afro, Alternative Rock, Celtic Fusion, Ethnic Fusion, Worldbeat
  24. Aiden Grimshaw
    Pop Rock
  25. Air Supply
    Pop Rock, Soft Rock
  26. Akercocke
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal, Progressive Metal
  27. ALA.NI
    Mainstream Jazz, Vocal Jazz
  28. Alan Parsons Project
    Album Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Soft Rock
  29. Alarm
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock
  30. Alaska (GBR)
    Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  31. Albany Down
  32. Albert Hammond
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, AM Pop (Radio-Pop), Soft Rock
  33. Alberta Cross
    Alternative Rock, Southern/Desert Rock
  34. Albion Christmas Band
    British Folk, Celtic Folk, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic
  35. Aldrich, Ronnie
    Chillout/Easy Listening, Classical Crossover, Instrumental Pop
  36. Alfie Boe
    Chant/Sacred Choral, Classical Crossover, Opera, Vocal Pop
  37. Aliases
    Progressive Metal
  38. Alien Sex Fiend
    Ambient Techno, Experimental, Gothic Rock, Industrial, Techno
  39. All About Eve
    Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Gothic Rock
  40. All Angels
    Dance Pop, Neo-Classical, Opera
  41. All Living Fear
    Alternative/Nu Metal
  42. All the Young
    Indie Rock
  43. Allan Clarke
    Soft Rock
  44. Alpha & Omega (GBR)
  45. Altern 8
    Acid House, Breakbeat, Breakbeat hardcore / Rave
  46. Alternative TV
    Explicit content, New Wave, Post-Punk
  47. AlunaGeorge
    Electro, R&B
  48. Alvin Lee
    Blues-Rock, British Blues
  49. Amazon (GBR)
    Heavy Metal
  50. Amber Light
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  51. Amos And Riot Night
  52. And Also The Trees
    Gothic Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk
  53. Andrew King
    Instrumental Pop, World Fusion, Worldbeat
  54. Andrew Lloyd Webber
    Musicals, Rock Opera, Show Tunes
  55. Andy Bell (GBR, Wales)
    Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Psychedelic
  56. Andy Gibb
    Arena Rock, Disco, Pop Rock, Soft Rock
  57. Andy Hunter
    Ambient, Ambient Techno, Techno, Trance
  58. Andy Sheppard Quartet
    Contemporary Jazz
  59. Andy Watts & The Blue Mountain Rockers
  60. Andy Yorke
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  61. Animals
    Blues-Rock, British Blues, British Trad Rock, Rock & Roll
  62. Animals On Wheels
    Ambient, Downtempo, Electro, Experimental
  63. Anna Calvi
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  64. Anne Dudley
    Electro-Acoustic, Movie Soundtrack
  65. Anne-Marie
    Alt-Pop, Country Pop, Electro, Future Pop, Indie Pop, Neo Soul
  66. Ansome
  67. Antimatter
    Ambient Dub, Ethereal, Shoegaze, Trip-Hop
  68. Antisocial
    Punk Revival
  69. Aphrodite (GBR)
    Jungle/Drum 'N Bass
  70. Apollo 440
    Alternative Rock, Big Beat, Club Dance / EDM, Electro
  71. Apple Scruffs
    Disco, Funk Rock
  72. Aqualung
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Britpop, Pop Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  73. Aquilina, Lauren
    Euro-Pop, Vocal Pop
  74. Arcane Roots
    Alternative Rock
  75. Art Bears
    Avantgarde, Post-Punk, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  76. Art Of Noise
    Abstract, Ambient, Ambient Pop, Drum N Bass, Electro, Experimental, Experimental Rock, Jangle Pop, Jungle/Drum 'N Bass, Modern Composition, New Wave
  77. Art Of Silence (GBR)
    Ambient Pop, Electro, Experimental, Experimental Rock, New Wave
  78. Art Of Trance
    Club Dance / EDM, Progressive Trance, Techno, Trance
  79. Arthur Beatrice
    Indie Rock
  80. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
    British Psychedelia, Psychedelic
  81. Asa (GBR)
  82. Ascension of Isaiah
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  83. Aschere Project
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  84. Ash, Ethan
    Country Pop, Singer/Songwriter
  85. Ashtray Navigations
    Abstract, Electro, Experimental, Noise
  86. Asian Dub Foundation
    Alternative Rock, Club Dance / EDM, Electro, House, Tech House, Techno
  87. Astral Navigations
    British Folk, British Psychedelia, Folk-Rock
  88. Atomic Kitten
    Dance Pop, Teen Pop
  89. Audio Bullys
    Club Dance / EDM, Hip-Hop, House
  90. Audiofire
    Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, Psy-Trance
  91. Audioglider
    Ambient, Downtempo
  92. Auger, Brian
    AM Pop (Radio-Pop), Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  93. Autechre
    Ambient, Ambient Techno, Electro, Electro-Techno, Experimental Techno, Glitch, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  94. Autoheart
    Indie Pop
  95. Awesome 3
    Euro-Dance, Hard House
  96. Axegrinder
    Grindcore/Crust, Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk
  97. Aydio
    Abstract, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Trip-Hop
  98. B-Movie
    Alternative Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synth Pop
  99. B12
    Ambient Techno, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Progressive Electronic
  100. Babe Ruth
    Blues-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  101. Baby Mammoth
    Ambient Techno, Downbeat, Downtempo
  102. Babybird
    Downtempo, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Trip-Hop
  103. Babylon Zoo
    Alternative Dance, Alternative Rock, Club Dance / EDM, Dance Pop
  104. Bad Guys
    Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
  105. Bad Pollyanna
    Alternative Rock, Electro
  106. Badly Drawn Boy
    Folk-Rock, Indie Folk
  107. Bailey, Sam
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock
  108. Baker Gurvitz Army
    Blues-Rock, Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Psychedelic
  109. Bakerloo
    Blues-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  110. Ballard, Russ
    Album Rock, Arena Rock, Pop Rock
  111. Balsom, Alison
  112. Band Aid
    Synth Pop, Vocal Pop
  113. Band of Holy Joy
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Pop Rock
  114. Band Of Joy
    Pop Rock
  115. Bandit
    Blues-Rock, Hard Rock
  116. Barnes, Alan
    Bop, Cool
  117. Barns Courtney
    Alternative Rock, Blues-Rock
  118. Bass Dominators
  119. Bass, Colin
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  120. Bastions
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk, Noise
  121. Battistessa, Cathy
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Deep House, Tribal-House
  122. Battle Of The War Machines
  123. Battleaxe
    Heavy Metal
  124. Baxter Dury
    Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Pop Punk
  125. Bazar, Thereza
    Euro-Dance, Synth Pop
  126. BBC Radio 1's Essential MIX Selection
    Club Dance / EDM, House, Progressive Trance
  127. BBM
    Blues-Rock, Hard Rock
  128. BBMAK
  129. BEAK
    Kraut Rock, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  130. Beatallica
    Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash, Tribute Albums
  131. Beecher
    Groove Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  132. Beef Conspiracy
    Deathcore/Brutal Death, Grindcore/Crust
  133. Belcea Quartet
  134. Beloved
    Club Dance / EDM, Dance Pop, Euro-Dance, Euro-Pop
  135. Ben Gold
    Ambient, Electro, Progressive Electronic, Progressive Trance
  136. Ben Howard
    Folk-Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  137. Benji Vaughan
  138. Berry, Matt
    Folk-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Psychedelic
  139. Bert Weedon
    Chillout/Easy Listening, Instrumental Pop, Jazz-Pop
  140. Bevan, Tony
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Mainstream Jazz
  141. Big Boy Pete
  142. Bill Nelson
    New Age, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Synth Pop
  143. Billy Idol
    Album Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, New Wave, Pop Rock, Punk Rock, Techno
  144. Billy Rankin
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock
  145. Binah
    Death Metal
  146. Bing Satellites
    Ambient, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Shoegaze
  147. Birdy
    Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
  148. Black
    Alternative Rock, Jazz-Pop, Pop Rock
  149. Black Hole Raven
    Rock & Roll, Stoner Rock
  150. Black Roots
    Ragga, Rocksteady
  151. Black Sonic Revolver
    Indie Rock
  152. Black Widow (GBR)
    British Metal/NWOBHM, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  153. Blackfilm
    Ambient, Downtempo, Electro, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)
  154. Blacklisters
  155. Blade Runner
    Heavy Metal
  156. Bleeding Skies
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Post-Hardcore, Progressive Metal
  157. Blind Faith (GBR)
    Album Rock, Blues-Rock, British Blues, Hard Rock
  158. Blitz Kids
    Indie Rock
  159. Blossoms
    Indie Rock, Pop Rock
  160. Blowzabella
    Celtic Folk, Contemporary Celtic, Irish Folk
  161. Blue Orchids
  162. Bluestone, Ilan
    Progressive Electronic, Progressive Trance, Techno
  163. Blur
    Alternative Rock, Britpop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Pop Rock
  164. boa (GBR)
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Rock
  165. Bob Vylan
    Alternative Rock, Groove Metal
  166. Bodyrockers
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Alternative Dance, Hard House, Indie Pop
  167. Bohicas
    Indie Rock
  168. Bollweevil
    Heavy Metal
  169. Bomb The Bass
    Acid House, Club Dance / EDM, Electro, Hip-Hop, House, Trance
  170. Bombs of Enduring Freedom
    Indie Rock
  171. Boo Hewerdine
    Contemporary Folk, Folk-Rock, Pop Rock
  172. Boron Division
    Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro, Noise, Techno
  173. Boss Keloid
    Sludge Metal
  174. Bourbonese Qualk
    Electro, Experimental
  175. Boyzone
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Pop Rock, Teen Pop, Vocal Pop
  176. Brainshit
    Grindcore/Crust, Powerviolence
  177. Bram Tchaikovsky
    New Wave, Pop Rock, Power Pop, Punk Revival, Rock & Roll
  178. Brand X
    Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  179. Brass Monkey
    British Folk, Celtic Folk, Contemporary Celtic, Contemporary Folk
  180. Breathing Space
    Alternative Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  181. Breathless (GBR)
    Dream Pop
  182. Brett Anderson
    Alternative Rock
  183. Brian Eno
    Ambient, Electro, Experimental, Experimental Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Proto-Punk
  184. Brinsley Shwarz
    British Folk, Jazz-Rock, Pop Rock
  185. Brix & The Extricated
    Indie Rock, Post-Punk
  186. Broken Dog
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
  187. Bronski Beat
    Hi-NRG, New Wave, Synth Pop
  188. Bronz
    Arena Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  189. Bros
    Club Dance / EDM, Dance Pop, Euro-Dance, Euro-Pop, Teen Pop
  190. Brotherhood Of The Lake
    Groove Metal
  191. Browne, Duncan
    Alternative Folk, Contemporary Folk, Folk-Rock
  192. Bruce Dickinson
    British Metal/NWOBHM, Heavy Metal
  193. Bruford, Bill
    Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Post Bop
  194. Bryan Ferry and His Orchestra
    Album Rock, Pop Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  195. Bugzy Malone
  196. Built For Speed
    Rock & Roll, Rockabilly
  197. Bully Wee Band
    Celtic Folk
  198. Burgos, Bob
  199. Burn, Chris
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Modern Creative
  200. Burning Bush