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  1. 7th Abyss
    7th Angel (Angel 7, Седьмой Ангел)
    7th Child
    7th Cycle
    7th Heaven
    7th Moon
    7th Nemesis (Sarganas)
    7th Overture
    7th Reign
    7th Seal
    7th Strain
    7th Wonder
    (Иван Демьян и группа 7Б)
    8 Ball Aitken (Eight Ball Aitken)
    8 Bit Weapon
    8 Degrees (pre-Fever Pitch)
    8 Foot Sativa
    8 Stops 7
    8 Wonders (8th Wonder)
    8-bit Operators
    8-IS (8 IS)
    8-Point Rose
    8.5 Souvenirs (8,5 Souvenirs, 8½ Souvenirs, Eight and a Half Souvenirs)
    80's Revolution (CD Series) (80s Revolution)
    805 (DEU)
    805 (USA)
    808 DOT POP (808.POP / Sven Lauwers)
    808 Mate (Thomas Hammann)
    808 State
    80th Disorder
    81 Db
    813 (Goryachev Alexander / Горячев Александр / The Rare Plants Garden)
    86 Proof
    88 (Eighty-Eight)
    88 Mile Trip
    8ball (Eightball, Premro Vonzellaire Smith)
    8Faces (Восемь Лиц)
    8khz Mono
    8mm Sky (八厘米天空)
    8th Sin
    8thSin (BRA) (Gustavo Prates, Eight Sin)
    9 (Nine)
    9 Chambers
    9 Days Down
    9 Horas
    9 Lazy 9
    9 Left Dead
    9 Lives & Counting (9 Lives And Counting)
    9 Musas
    9 Shocks Terror (Nine Shocks Terror)
    9-ый Район (Девятый Район, 9 район)
    90 Day Men (The 90 Day Men)
    91 Suite
  2. 91s
    93 Million Miles From The Sun (93MillionMilesFromTheSun)
    94 East
    95 South (95-South, Artice Bartley, Carlos Spencer)
    96 Brigade (The 96 Brigade)
    98 Degrees (98°)
    98lb Weakling
    99 Souls (99Souls)
    9bach (Ali Byworth, Esyllt Glyn Jones, Lisa Jen, Martin Hoyland)
    9dw (Nine Days Wonder)
    9Goats Black Out
    9mm Assi Rock'N' Roll (Rock Rotten's 9mm Assi Rock'N'Roll)
    9mm Parabellum Bullet
    9mm Solution
    9nine (Nine (JAP))
    9th Corner
    9th Evolution (Ninth Evolution)
    9th Plague
    9th Planet Out (The 9th Planet Out)
    9th Wonder (Ninth Wonder / Patrick Douthit)
    :Of The Wand and The Moon: (Of The Wand and The Moon, Kim Larsen)
    :Silizium: (Silizium (Mario Calabrese))
    :wulgata: (Wulgata)
    A Bad Think
    A Balladeer
    A Band Of Bees
    A Band Of Orcs
    A Beacon School
    A Beautiful End
    A Binary Ward
    A Black Rose Burial
    A Blues Band ("A" Blues Band)
    A Body Divided
    A Boogie wit da Hoodie
    A Boy Named John
    A Breach On Heaven
    A Breath Before Surfacing
    A Breed Apart
    A Breed Unknown
    A Cat Called Fritz
    A Caustic Fate
    A Certain Ratio
    A Change of Pace
    A City Serene
    A Coastline Ending
    A Cold Dead Body
    A Contra Blues
    A Contraverso
    A Cosmic Trail
    A Crash Republic
    A Cripple Stole My Leg
    A Cry Farewell
    A Cryptic Ending
    A Current Affair
    A Dancing Beggar
    A Dark Orbit
    A Dawn Becoming
    A Day Away
    A Day Of Pigs
    A Day Of Violence
    A Day To Drink
  3. A Day To Fall
    A Death For Every Sin
    A Death In The Family
    A Decade In Oblivion
    A Descent In Graves
    A Different Breed
    A Different Breed Of Killer
    A Different Day
    A Different Self
    A Distorted Utopia
    A Dog Named Dutch
    A Doom
    A Dozen Furies
    A Drama Radio
    A Dream Of Poe
    A Dream Of Reality
    A Dream Too Late
    A Dying Breed
    A Dying Planet
    A Dying Reign
    A Fall Farewell
    A Few Memories
    A Fight for Life
    A Five And Dime Ship
    A Fleeting Farewell
    A Fool's Errand
    A Gazillion Angry Mexicans
    A Ghost
    A Ghost Named Alice
    A Giant Dog
    A Girl's a Gun
    A Girl, A Gun, A Ghost
    A God Or An Other
    A Haunted Coast
    A Hawk And A Hacksaw
    A Heritage Of Vergil
    A Hero For The World
    A Hero Remains
    A Hidden Agenda
    A Hill To Die Upon
    A Home For Ghosts
    A Hope From Home
    A Horse Called War
    A Human Costume
    A Hurricane's Revenge
    A Jasey Project
    A Killers Confession
    A Kiss Could Be Deadly
    A La Carte (À La Carte)
    A Last Day On Earth
    A Legend Falls
    A Lesser Hope
    A Libe
    A Life Away
    A Livin Burden
    A Living Burden
    A Lonely Crowd
    A Losing Season
    A Lost Fear
    A Love Ends Suicide
    A Love Like Pi
    A Martyr's New Pitch
    A Memoria Brooded
    A Midsky Surrender
    A Million Dollars
    A Million Machines
    A Million Miles
    A Mind Confused