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When death is better than life - it's not clear: who has to be killed and how?!

March 29, 2016
Teronation - Your Life Is Your Death

When Life Can Suck death can be significantly better. The main motif pervades the entire track by its essence.
Next follows the title track of Teronation - Your Life Is Your Death with mid tempo in the beginning and long guitar solo in a middle of it with a various rhythm beneath.
Treachery starts by the guitar leading the melody, and drums as though trying to hammer something. As it had begun - in the same way finished.
Dancin' style of Lost In Your Head reminiscent of school time: jump-jump, strum-strum, growl-growl.
The walls are strong, though not visible Prison Of Humanity around us - can't run away because it's everywhere!
And this completes some kind of old man by the gloom monologue with acoustic guitar. Will not be able to escape, hide or shelter from that.
After the sad and gloomy stories should quicken and knock down enemies to Bastards Fall. Quick abrupt piece that singer rhythmically concludes Not More. In Dusty Soul the guitar like commands the rest band in music and vocals. Slow rhythmic entry draws a line under Take The Hit. Vocals enters not immediately, He hammered his words slowly, exposing the discrepancy, and will drive them into the heads.

Blurr starts Tempestuous - Born Into These Waters with grim snarl at a slow pace, which accelerated to an average in the instrumental piece.
Mysterious melodic guitar tempting to wonder from start of  Denial, amazing clean vocals continues that wonder until the mid - when the power, rage and fury came back!
Midtempo downhole verse in ShelShok, many times repeated title in chorus and monologue after it until "RUN AWAY" said by vocalist.
Instrumental The Calm Before the Storm - there's only quietly guitar strings are moving against a background of howling wind.
Calmed down before the storm? Here it is, the storm! There's growl inclusions in Imprint vocals, and the ending is a lively, spirited and tangible to all of us!