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We're researchig, experimenting, exploring - we need test subjects. Do you agree?

March 29, 2016
Rapture - Crimes Against Humanity

Laboratories Of Infection describes the laboratory where all sorts of experiments are filthy! Chronicles and annals "how people were bullying" here - Rapture - Crimes Against Humanity . In the next chapter, rhythmically and precisely in the verse outline Unit Of Total Destruction, slow down description at the end. Slowly starts Born Dead stepping up the pace with the vocal entry - deadman jerks actively! The slow, melodic entry - like slowly swaying ogre comes to his victims to force them perform Suicidal Cannibalism. And then, at an average pace, ogre oversees the process.
Starting with the bass solo, later joined by the monologue. Then, the music speeds up, going to the chorus with varied vocals. A chorus - is the repetition of the Transorbital Lobotomy.
The guitar solo begins Borderline Disorder after the snatch entry, a brief respite - and drive again! Just in the middle the rage and fury gone, the guitar solo in the average rate crawlin' the listener's ears.
As Darkness Falls in spurts moving ahead along its way, completes it on marching pace.
Marching end involve marching start of Spiritual Paralysis. Over the marchin' intro follows acceleration and recitative vocals in the verse.
Well - there are still experimental test subjects? Tools are ready, it's time to start Sadistic Shredding Of Flesh. Butchering starts slowly, unhurriedly, thoughtfully and carefully. But experimenters then enter into a rage, and only when get tired has a break. But they end up experiments calmly and carefully. No fuss - test carcasses has ended!