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Weird desire to taste the blood of stars

June 18, 2023
Xenomorph (NLD) - Baneful Stealth Desire

An explosion of violent power and musical searches, together with vocal diversity, opens the musical gates of the Xenomorph (NLD) - Baneful Stealth Desire album with an impressive variety of musical paths of the Dragon's Breath song, after the guitar solo of the introduction, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the Post-Human (The X-Morph Deathcult) composition, supporting vocals reflections with rolls of a conformable musical drive.
Exploding in a furious whirlwind of frantic drive, the Blood of the Stars musical fairy tale then envelops vocal phrases with changeable musical covers, whirling with swift blades of musical drive in instrumental bridges. But vocals and music capture with variety, variability and unexpected transformations in the Storm Innocent Eve composition.
Intriguingly and mysteriously developing the musical path, the On the Most Blackened Wings musical fairy tale then carries away in a rapid flight through the indicated and used creative spaces, before achieving severe perseverance with notes of the Bestia Infernali military march, imprinting its step in the chosen musical path and indulging in vivid searches and variations of style and tempo in further sound.
Musical variations fascinate with a variety of musical searches, sometimes giving the bass guitar a dominant role in the sound, which fascinates in the Last Contribution to Art composition, anticipating the Once Upon Armageddon final touch of this album, which begins with a rhythmic march that is broken and transformed by vocals rage and inspiration, complemented by the melodies of a singing lady.