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So long travel into a dreamy spaces

June 17, 2023
Wonders - Beyond the Mirage

Brightly and swiftly, the guitar solo develops the further musical narrative of the One Million Miles song, which then leads the vocal story, continuing the Wonders - Beyond the Mirage album with impressions of distant wanderings and preserved memories of them in the thoughtful sound of the Breaking the Chains composition and rolling in the waves of the harsh drive of the Here I Go Again musical thriller, complementing the musical drive with vocal inspiration and combining musical contrasts with this unity.
The preparation with a vocals proclamation will mark the valiant and rhythmic sound of the Hold Me, Save Me battle saga, combining readiness for battles and trials with melodic charm and vocal ascension, then enchanting with the main motive of the incredibly melodic Once Upon a Time composition and the intriguing variability and mystery of the rhythmic pace of the In & Out of Time unhurried musical artwork.
Elevating the artistic keyboard syuta to the top of the musical waves in the introduction, the Coming Home song will then mix it with a vocals story, complemented by an energetic musical drive and melodic charm, in order to return the keyboard symphonies to instrumental ones and continue the sound of the album with the enchanting thoughtfulness of the All My Dreams romantic ballad. Entering the mesmerizing symphony, the Into the Light composition continues with a fascinating indulgence of symphonic grandeur and restrained drive, preceding the The Time of Your Life song's completion of the album with so much a bright musical flash with a greater role of rapid drive.