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November 17, 2021
Aryem - The Bird's Assembly

The thoughtful Hoopoe monologue of the female vocals reveals the meaning of the title and lays out the introduction of the Aryem - The Bird's Assembly album, then swirls with the Awakened musical sound, creating a symphonic atmosphere together with the singing lady and the male vocals intertwining in a duet dance in the chorus.
The symphonic meditations of the You Are Insane intro with echoes of oriental motifs culminate in an explosion of furious drive, then combined and complemented by the introduction of the vocals. The Come To Me composition captivates with its romantic sensuality, the anxiety of the singing lady in the verse and the enchanting dance of the lady and gentleman in the chorus duet. The Forbidden Love song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the vocal narrative with bright and sparkling musical accompaniment.
Softly and gently rolling out the musical canvas of the My Love ballad with gentle piano passages, the vocal part complements the sound with sensual romanticism. Prepared in the intro, the Surroundead track brings fierceness and drive to the sound of the album, accompanying the musical fierceness with appropriate vocal support. The Just One Night song maintains the style of the previous track, but transforms the rhythmics into a pulsating march of the chorus, complemented by a rushing race of instrumental bridges, somewhat tempered by the vocal narration of the verses.
In conjunction with the distant tocsin, the male vocals begin the musical story of the Broken Scepters Of War composition, then they are complemented by the vocal revelations of the female vocals. The musical drive of the Reborn song is topped with a vocal ascension and enveloped in sparkling musical variations. The La Asamblea De Las Aves title track translates the album's title into Spanish, serving as the longest, most meaningful and varied musical creation.