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Looking inside yourself

November 17, 2021
Words Of Farewell - Inner Universe (EP)

Bright guitar solo of the Chronotopos introduction creates the feeling of musical insistence and rebelliousness, vocals call for rage and drive and brightly and impressively demonstrate the fighting spirit, readiness for battles and battles. Then the vocal part of the chorus is complemented by the connection of the charm of the singing lady, extending the stylistic framework of the Words Of Farewell - Inner Universe (EP) release.
After musical preparation in the intro, the Whispering Deeps mid-tempo battle march rolls in rhythmic waves, augmented by militant vocal proclamations, winding the vocal part in the chorus with twilight musical variations and introducing progressive rhythmic complexity.
The musical sound of the Offworld song envelops a shroud of sad romantic brooding, as if creating an atmosphere of experience after the battles suffered, and complements the sound with sparkling slivers of oriental motifs with the introduction of the vocals.
The Alter Memory final composition combines musical reflection in unladylike unhurriedness, complemented by confident vocal anger and depth of revelation.