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We've lost in time - we'll find out!

April 14, 2016
Sarah's A Cutter - Solace

From the outset it's not clear, what that - guitar riffs in one way, vocals - other way. Than ... mixed'n'combined in a blues...oh! track title explains all - they're Lost In Time!
The artwork Sarah's A Cutter - Solace further unpredictable!
Nothing begins quite ordinary, but then - playing with styles, juggling genres! And the lyrical sadness blurs all over in the midst of track, and even growl not irritating flowin' of melodic tune.
Melodic intro starts Cannot Let Go which further flows contrastly - clean harsh and vicious growl, compete with each other, complementing and combining.
Complex, changeable rhythm opens Zombie Zoo for further unconventional combinations and unpredictable transitions.
Simple reef starts ... but breaks down and shrinks, expands, shrinks again - the way Deadface looks like! And then a monologue - a confession or branding of guises? According to self-criticism - that's self-adhesive confession
Talk of the machine or with the machine? Machine don't know "where a you roll or you roll your own" - or you don't know that about the machine. Oh, hard thinkings, hard to clear the mind to understand that stuff! oh, so hard, so difficult!
Murderer Am I? question to yourself as "crazy", must remain unanswered - for your own. Or not? Listen - and decide!
At the beginning like belts, gears sorted levers, latches belts and gears Breathe. Well, machinery have the breath and soul - try to imagine that. Or - maybe - you're the mashine too?!
The bright-eyed and active entry In Blood... eagerness turns into a sad, slow and viscous different ending!
Bass guitar solo from the first notes of Armor turned into growlin'...that was just intro. Later their armor weakener - not so quick'n'drivin', volatile and unpredictable. And - that's the end of the artwork!