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Horror... horror has a face? Executioner - perform this case!

April 15, 2016
Gloria Morti - Kuebiko

Monologue about "horror ... horror as a face... horor and a moral terror ..." starts and covers an half of Syntyma, opens Gloria Morti - Kuebiko. Well, the continuation of these grim words are exciting-scary and goes into The Foul Stench Of Vomiting, fast and drivin' powers of it conveys you into fog of darkness, growl and scream are your guides in this mist of darkness and unexplored desolation.
Josef Fritzl - growl assumes supremacy, and in that rhythmic powerful track behaves like a commander!
Mysterious, enigmatic entry starts Chimeral Form, then choppy, broken, distorted voices interrupt each other. Terminates that uncomplicated chorus by dense and viscous riff with growl, then continued by harshin' scream. Complex and ambiguous form of that Chimera!
Unhurried, swingin' start of Death By A Thousand Cuts (Lingchi) changed with a hard'n'fast drums, than returns so swingin' vocals - and again that unhurried story diluted with hurried drumbeats! At the end of the accompaniment with vocals combine their rhythm and tempo in a single impulse!
Starts by the question, "You killed a man?" and the motives of the 1st and next tracks appears a bit in the Case No. 1102162. Well done - this chronicle sums up and concludes all aforesaid!
Viscous melody envelops its ambience and delays in their captivity - that's entry of Gallows Built In Rows! Then that jerky enviroment causes you to follow it and its impulses without the least doubts.
Stillest words, breathes of winds starts the way of Executioner, which will execute'n'evaluate all around - and punished all responsibles ... if necessary!
Prosecutor's cases completed - the executioner performed "court verdicts" - that's the end? Yep, The Termination Of All Bond completes the discussion of judgments and impressions of their performance.