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We strive for changes with no fear or reproach

May 18, 2018
We strive for changes with no fear or reproach

The sound of rain calls for slow deliberations, embodied in the instrumental introduction Genesis of the Black Mass Legacy - No Fear album, culminating in a downpour and thunderstrike.
The title track (at least incarnating album's title in its name) Have No Fear continues the musical canvas, combining twilight motifs and discreet drive. Vocal gives music emotionality and impatience, music fetters vocal reflections. The mysterious melodic break continues musical changes to the Eyes from Hell introduction, changing music to a viscous and viscous, deliberately reflecting on burdensome and painful moments, forming a ballad emitting a dark romance.
Guitar passages of the Praying for Disgrace introduction reflect some influence of progressive musical trends, but vocals connecting to the musical outline harden the sound, although progressive guitar motives appear, reaching the forefront in instrumental bridges and choruses.
Emotional romance Black Side envelops the consciousness with mild romanticism, restraining the influence of an energetic drive - preserving the outlines of a thoughtful instrumental ballad in which the guitar solo is given the most important role.
Music constantly rushes and looks for the right way, staggering from side to side - so difficult choice until Between Two Forces. In a whirlwind of doubts and vague reflections, the composition completes its quest.
After doubt and obscure selectivity, music dissipates the flow of drive, indulging in sensual reflections in an incredibly calm and romantic ballad Beyond the Pain, not burdened with power - embodying feelings and emotions. The composition completing the album continues this romantic mood, but in the middle part powerfully and confidently turns the music into a fast procession, rushing to the last battle. In the Weapons of Death chorus, the vocal concentrates the importance of the mission by making appeals to valor, appealing to the manifestation of all the best skills.