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Everything evolves, changes their shapes, forms and content

May 17, 2018
Everything evolves, changes their shapes, forms and content

Many streams of infrmation are woven in an obscure kaleidoscope, combining in a complex and unpredictable Paranoia introduction - so starting Artikon - Evolution album with a mysterious intrigue, the vocal only adds even more mystery to the sound, asking even more puzzles enveloped in violin passages and guitar delights.
The keyboards envelop the fascinating canopy of a romantic symphony, fascinating and seducing with a thoughtful melody - but the vocal complements this Generation Y romance with emotional nervousness, orchestral motifs complement the sound with tricky shades. This turns out to be a very complex and exciting track, exciting in the whirlwind of progressive melodic solutions.
The vocals come to the fore of the In God's Hands composition, echoing and arguing with themselves in the space of majestic symphonies, orchestral arrangements and majestic guitar, keyboard and violin tunes.
A frenzied drive carries away the hurried violin melodies, in the My Favorite Mistake vocal part there arises the gentle voice of the singing lady, then echoes the complementary phrases of the male vocals enveloping the brooding canopy of the foggy dark bridge.
The muffled guitar fingering riff begins the Silence composition variety, then it envelops the mysterious parts of the cello. The mysterious fog of melodic parties completes the introduction of the enchanting combination of orchestral motifs with a riot of rock music, continuing with a gloomy vocal whisper into an alternation of bright reflections and gloomy reflections with violin passages.
Clinging the mind into a whirlwind of conflicting ideas and thoughts challenging the rightness and fading into the extravaganza of progressive melody, then distracting to the majestic orchestral passages, music is enchanting as the gloomy fog of distant chorals so Escape song creates such a fascinating and diverse musical picture - that everyone will perceive it exclusively in its own way!
Cello with the pulsating rhythm on background develops the Home introduction, then the composition introduces spicy motifs of oriental folklore enveloping the vocal duet with a mysterious fog, sparkling with a chime of strings and singing violin solos. Then the drive escapes from the melodic care, then again returning to the charming symphonic sound. The instrumental part swings a unique image of various improvisations, culminating in vague distorted vocal phrases - which will then return to complete the composition.
The title track of the album consists of two fragments - an instrumental saga Evolution, Pt. 1 (Creation), first blowing on the wings of orchestral arrangements, then solidifying with obscure choruses on the background. After that, the main motive manifests itself in full measure, removing the influence of other fragments of the composition, but not dissipating at all - on the contrary, combining it in so unforgettable symphony. Evolution, Pt. 2 (Faith) continues and completes the title track's dilogy as full of romantic despair ballad - the vocals raise prayers to the heavens, waiting for the grace of the Lord, which will guide evolution into the right direction.
The album ends with Now song that references to the Broadway lounge, which crowns the catchy progressive musical creation with a relaxing and playful musical joy.