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April 12, 2022
Al Harlow - Now!

Energetically and vividly, the Let It Go composition begins the musical narrative of the Al Harlow - Now! album, twisting musical preferences into the embodiment of the procession of the He Don't Live Here No More song with echoes of legendary musical proclamations.
Music and vocals of the Meet Me in the Sky story are combined in a joint procession of musical unity. The I Believe rolls with persistent and unbiased inspirations, combining musical drive and vocal assertiveness in a single musical stream.
A soft artistic chime of vocal mystery is combined in the sound of Lonely Town 5th ballad, which foreshadows the sound of the Rising Son composition.
Music and vocals roll out the musical canvas for the procession of the My Mind Is Running Away with You musical composition, setting a path for the romantic reflections of the If It Wasn't for You musical saga.
The Dance with the One You Came With m usic and vocals fascinate with enchanting unity, then proclaiming their sound in the musical expanses of the Way of the World final composition.