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Wandering worldwide

February 17, 2022
Slices - Cruising

The Medusa track begins to roll out the musical canvas of the furious and angry sound of the Slices - Cruising release, starting its musical history with a brief fragment, anticipating the sound of the Nightmare Man song, embodying the previously marked musical ideas.
The Red Raft track develops aggressive inclinations and draws the listener into the expanse of coming changes, which the John's Public Hell composition continues to embody and develop.
Rolling in waves of restrained anger, the Floodlight track points to the likelihood of coming calamities and grief, marking with the Robbie points the name one of the possible victims.
They have a noisy, guitar-driven sound like so many other bands these days, but band temper their aggression with riffs meant for circle-pitting, just the right amount of fast. Reminds me of the Laughing While Eating song in the way that they are clearly a hardcore punk band without any blatant references yet also lacking a distinctly unique sound (although Guide To Incest starts off with such a severely Black Flag-sounding guitar crunch, more than any other bands. Their uncomfortable musical asides never overstay their welcome, although if the Mike's Insane Problem song is about drummer uncanny resemblance to the family deals, I would really consider that more of a blessing than a problem. Hope these guys make the worldwide trek across, album is the type of thing I want to witness in person.