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Wake of true nation

December 10, 2021
Zeal And Ardor - Wake of a Nation (EP)

Soft and thoughtful vocal reflections come to the forefront of the musical image of the Vigil song, rolling out the beginning of the musical canvas of the Zeal And Ardor - Wake of a Nation (EP) album.
The chiming guitar solo of the intro is transformed by the twilight exasperation of the music and vocals of the Tuskegee composition, which coils into a furious spiral of restrained drive with reflective instrumental bridges.
The At the Seams song subdues the musical narrative, entering with soft vocal reflections, then complementing them with the twilight solemnity of epic musical fragments. In the vocal part, the main vocal sometimes complements the background singing, at times retreating before the reflections of the vocal monologue and the exasperation of the dark musical symphony.
Diversifying the stylistic framework of the album, the I Can't Breathe track diversifies the vocal part with an angry recitative, marching in a persistent procession of an angry march, then bringing in musical variations of soul, rhythm'n'blues and weaving a mesmerizing sound of the Trust No One song, combining an incredible variety of stylistic echoes, artistically interwoven into a progressive musical sound.
The Wake of a Nation title track concludes the album with a vocal competition in the rhythmic march of a persistent march.