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Versatile perception of the heavens

February 05, 2023
Desert Dragon - This Side Of Heaven

The playful sound of the Bad Luck composition opens the musical gates of the Desert Dragon - This Side Of Heaven album, complementing the spicy and dusty sound of southern rock with blues notes and shades. Symphonic passages of the introduction wrap vocal reflections, then intertwine in enchanting musical lace with the vocal narrative of the God Bless Miss America spiritual ballad. Beginning with echoes of folk notes, the Swamp Thing composition then weaves music and vocals in a mesmerizing dance.
Musical passages create an atmospheric background for the vocal part, which the What It Means To Me composition brings to the forefront of its musical image, preceding the peaceful reflections and gentle musical atmosphere of the No Way Back ballad and the assertive sound of the Lock And Load song, sometimes preparing the development of a mid-tempo march in the musical breaks of instrumental bridges.
Shrouded in the twilight mystery of the musical atmosphere, the Southside Of Heaven song brings to the sound vocal reverie, oriental moivas and symphonic influence. The Pictures In A Magazine composition brings the vocal part to the foreground, then driving the rhythmic step of the Vulture City musical procession into a chosen musical path, decorated with sparkling guitar solos. The energetic drive of the Save My Soul final track of the albums calls for further promotion and the opening of new horizons.