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Lies gains innumerable guises

February 06, 2023
Death Decline - The Thousand Faces

The soft and mysterious chime of invisible bells and children's voices set the direction for the development of the Inside intro of the Death Decline - The Thousand Faces album, further building the musical structure of the Bury the Beast song on the alternation, combination and dispute of growling and screaming vocals, weaving around them a lace of musical pattern.
An explosion of furious guitar riffs in the intro is woven around vocals anger in the furious interweaving of angry streams of the violent Useless Sacrifice musical thriller, bringing a kind of pensive appeasement to the musical reflections of the Until the Last Human's Breath composition, marching with the stubborn significance of the harsh march, while maintaining the combative mood of nusical defiance and disobedience.
The Thousand Faces of Lies album's title track explodes with unrestrained drive in unity with vocal anger and rage in a joint musical stream, bringing melodious decoration with musical passages together with the charm of a guitar solo in anticipation of the explosion of a furious drive, billowing with an exciting unstoppable dance of the Network's Zombies Supremacy composition, weaving a breathtaking lace of musical mystery to unity with the lyrics of vocals rage.
Rhythmically, densely, rigidly and harshly driving the way for the angry Beneath the Smile of the Rotten Idols vocals march, the music accentuates the rhythmicity of the procession, combining in the vocal part screaming and growling in a single interweaving, pushing the vocal part to the foreground of the Red Dawn narrative and completing the album with the unrestrained dance of the fierce Man with No Flag musical thriller, combining vocals unity with the melodic charm of musical artistry.