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Unhurried thoughts are accumulating wisdom stuff

January 05, 2020
Noekk - Carol Stones and Elder Rock

The mesmerizing vocal tunes of a deep and pensive baritone are woven around the epic lace of A Loss musical mystery, mysteriously opening the gates of unknown premonitions of the musical essence of the Noekk - Carol Stones and Elder Rock album, continuing the artistic variations with soft and mysterious guitar notes of the Pan introduction, then the vocal part takes on the dominant role, bringing the deep vocal baritone to the foreground of the musical party back-ups of another vocal style.
An acoustic guitar solo introduces certain trends of the ancient mystery of bardic sagas, raising vocal phrases to the top of the waves of bars of A Vision musical composition, bewitching with soft and gentle chime of instrumental bridges and charming with a guitar solo of the instrumental part. The echoes of several vocal styles intertwine in vocal phrases, keaping, however, baritone at the forefront of the musical narrative.
Soft artistic variations of the rhythmic structure of the Archaic Tune composition complete the album, returning to the expected group of style, which has long fascinated its fans.