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Flesh is just a coffin for the spirit

January 05, 2020
Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin

An unclear mystery of the musical background envelops variations of the Offering of Fire composition with epic mystery, vocal phrases pump up a harsh drive, bringing to the forefront a harsh growling, but sometimes replacing it with nervous screaming. A muffled soft introduction continues the mystical essence of the Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin album, condensing the rhythmic component, escalating the furious anger of the Denounce the Light verses.
Preserving the epic mystery The Astral Wake of Time holds the pace, raising the grandeur of the banners of gloomy triumph, sometimes accelerating the musical narrative after the emotional echoes of the vocal part. Maintaining leisurely greatness in the introduction, Desolate Veil intertwines screaming and growling in the vocal part and pumps the waves of the mid-tempo march, which precedes the more rapid musical canvas.
A pensive chime of guitar strings sets the sad mood of the FVNERAL MOON song, then hardens the music with a furious drive, leaving sad guitar riffs in the background. Void weaves vocal and musical variations in a single mesmerizing canvas of a dark anthem. Infernum explodes with a violent whirlwind of drive, first bringing screaming to the forefront of the musical narrative, then alternating the vocal phrases of screaming with growling. Twisting the mysterious lace with intro guitar solo The//Watcher then captivates the listeners with the main motive, a bewitchingly impressive pulsating march.
In a fast-paced race of Black Hollow gloomy procession, screaming vocal phrases alternate with growling, shrouded in the epic saga. The sound of the song flows smoothly into the title track Flesh Coffin, completing the album with a magnificent union of epic melody and furious drive.