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This issue is not the first and not the last

July 12, 2020
Death The Leveller - II

The viscous unhurried viscosity of The Hunt Eternal musical covers entwines the emotional vocal appeals in invisible tangles, sometimes smoothing them to an obscure whisper, starting the Death The Leveller - II album with the resistance of vocal feelings to painful musical fetters.
The muffled pulsations of the musical heartbeat march along with the vocal narration, then together raising the banners of sensual experiences above the essence of The Golden Bough main motive. But then the music rolls over in waves of restrained drive, lifting vocal phrases to the crests of musical changes, complementing the musical image with sparkling notes of doubt and foreboding, further accelerating the pace to an alarming march on the verge of mid-tempo sound.
Then the So They May Face The Rising Sun vocal part walks dressed in the majestic veils of a solemn hymn, announcing with a majestic narrative of exploits and achievements. But after the demonstration of greatness, the vocal narration indulges in some shades of fatigue and scattered inspiration. But, having gained strength and inspiration, the vocal narration once again raises the banners of valor and greatness. The Crossing concludes the album with a pacifying serenity, proudly honoring the trials, past battles and achievements. The vocals uplift the mood of celebration and confidence in the significance of the values achieved.