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Even darkness can keep calm

July 11, 2020
Witchcraft (SWE) - Black Metal

A pensive guitar solo begins the acoustic charm of the bardic saga of Witchcraft (SWE) - Black Metal album, softly and tenderly intertwining passages of an acoustic guitar with vocal experiences in a mesmerizing dance, uplifting emotional sensuality with vocal phrases of the Elegantly Expressed Depression song, ending the phrases with notes of doubt and uncertainty in further development. A Boy And A Girl vocals narration, complemented by rare and uncertain notes of guitar acoustics, creates a serenity with tranquility.
The pensive slowness of the Sad People introduction creates a premonition of disturbing doubts, but the further pensiveness of trembling vocal phrases lulls with sophisticated reflections, inaccessible in haste. The Grow continues the musical narration with hazy reflections, sowing vague anticipations of mysterious obscurity.
Discarding vague sensations Free Country pacifies vague guesses, reassuring the tranquility of the native places. Continuing a similar style with unhurried thoughts, the Sad Dog crowns the unhurried procession of acoustic chime of guitar strings with vocal phrases. The Take Him Away closes the album by alternating vocal brooding with the emotional chime of a guitar solo.