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November 17, 2022
Psycroptic - Divine Council

After a brief preparation in the introduction, the vocal part leads the musical procession of the Rend Asunder composition, revealing the musical gates of the Psycroptic - Divine Council album with the enchanting charm of the unity of artistry and drive. A Fool's Errand song rises with a sparkling guitar solo, then complemented by variable vocal confessions and whirlwinds of frantic drive, sometimes retreating before enchanting melodic and emotional shades.
The twilight musical mystery of the This Shadowed World composition combines music and vocals in the charm of a joint musical flow, enchanting with the narrative of a musical fairy tale, ending with a painful procession of the Enslavement procession, embodying despair and sorrows.
Rhythmically, persistently and rigidly, the Ashes of Our Empire composition drives its sound into the intro, accelerating the rhythm and tempo with the introduction of vocals, artistically varying their story. Echoes of forgotten prophecies and old fairy tales weave the intro of The Prophet's Council epic saga, enchanting with acoustic musical variations and anticipating the further development of the musical essence and vocals narrative.
An intriguing anticipation with a mysterious guitar solo is intertwined in the sound of the Awakening composition, enveloping vocals reflections with twilight covers of sleepy obscurity, then receding before the mystical mystery of the ritual chants of A Fragile Existence song, accentuating the guitar drive in anticipation of vocal emotionality and completing the album with the twilight artistic power of the Exitus composition.