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Remembering a forgotten fairy tale

November 16, 2022
After All (BEL) - Eos

The Premonition intro begins the musical narrative of the After All (BEL) - Eos album with an intriguing guitar solo, culminating in an emotional flash of vocal revelations of The Judas Kiss song, continuing with a whirlwind of exciting drive with spicy echoes of oriental motifs, wrapping an unrestrained whirlwind around the vocals narrative of the Deceptor composition, in the vocal part of which various vocals alternate and combine in an exciting duet.
The rush of the musical drive rolls in waves of unyielding assault, which in the sound of the Kindred Spirits musical thriller complements the vocals rebelliousness. In the sound of the Elegy for the Lost composition, the guitar solo intro weaves the musical lace of the main motif.
Starting with a brooding ballad, the Waiting for Rain song then varies the tempo and progressively complicates the rhythm, weaving the lyrical canvas of the vocal part from the duet, then exploding in the furious whirlwind of the frantic Demons Raging musical thriller, ending this frenzy with a majestic and rhythmic procession of the Grand Illusion significant march with a progressive complication of the vocal part in an intriguing mystery.
Intriguing by guitar solos, the Torn Asunder composition leads the musical impatience with vocals narration, then dressed in the harsh armor of the Shadows of the Mind battle march, but dispelling the twilight and obscurity with the melodic charm of the At Dawn's First Light romantic ballad, which concludes the album with the melodic tenderness of musical and vocal charm.