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There is no evil or good - it all depends on the point of view

January 14, 2019
Days Of Jupiter - Panoptical

The disturbing motive of the Swallow introduction appeals to the anticipations of the coming dispensations, then the music envelops the perception with the viscous twilight of the solemn anthem, starting the Days Of Jupiter - Panoptical album with a majestic ballad.
Disturbing riffs of the We All Die Young intro inspires a wave of experiences, but vocal phrases bring hope and inspiration, intertwining with musical passages in a fascinating fight and weaving charming lace of fascinating medium tempo composition with romantic inserts.
Returning to the style of the first composition, I Am Fuel brings up an epic atmosphere in the intro, the vocal part brings sophisticated reflections, interlacing the meaningful ballad with musical passages together in an inspired dance.
Preserving the epic tint of the fairytale narration, praising it in the vocal part of the Why complements the sound of the album with a pulsating wave of a harsh drive.
The title track Panoptical envelops the vocal part with an intriguing round dance of musical passages, but then it finds the way of the main motive and confidently follows this, inspiring by the chorus sound.
Acoustic guitar and mysterious symphonic orchestral background create an atmosphere of fascinating romanticism, vocals complement this musical charm with emotions and experiences, interlacing in the lace of the Black Hole acoustic ballad.
Legends about heroes, knights and battles rise from the past, raising a pulsating Sons of War march, indicating that battles and wars can manifest at all times and more and more new ones will arise in them. The End Will Begin Again develops the motif of the previous composition in the introduction, then reflecting in the brooding ballad and reviving the enchanting melodies of the intro in the instrumental bridge, completing this melody in the refrain, shrouding with the cover of symphonic charm.
The main motive of the inspired Edge of Everything saga charms, transforming into great changes, pumping a wave of mid-tempo drive in the bridge in front of the chorus, which returns to the fascinating musical flow of the main motive. Shallow Side continues the same style, but the introduction captivates with romantic intrigue, whirling a sparkling haze of dreamy doubts.
Having gained strength and energy in romantic ballads, Nine Tons of Lies rolls in waves of a medium tempo drive in a verse, raising waves of inspiration and rising in the choruses. Thieves and Legends continues the wave of pulsating drive, but anticipates the completion of the album with thoughtful reflections, combining similar contrasts unite in the composition.