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The vast seas eternally keeps so many secrets and mysteries

January 15, 2019
Into Eternity - The Sirens

The title track starts the Into Eternity - The Sirens album with a sublime piano solo with a bewitching symphonic background, then these classical symphonies are transformed into inspirational surges of musical passages. In anticipation of the vocal rhythm section is hardening musical power and drive. In the instrumental part, the music becomes even more hardened, creating a dense and harsh background, but the motifs of the introduction, embodied in an inspired guitar solo, are carried by a solemn phoenix of symphonic delights.
At first, the ghosts of forgotten legends rise from oblivion, twisting the gloomy haze of fascinating intrigue with vocal phrases full of doubts, but then the Fringes of Psychosis music revives aspirations and is carried away by a rapid flow of furious drive, occasionally bringing vocal reflections to the forefront.
SandstormThe twist of thoughtful romance develops the melody that presents the main motive hovering around the vocal part, which is first thrown into fascinating experiences, then rushes along the chosen path, emphasizing the Sandstorm song' title. Devoured by Sarcopenia continues the motives of the previous composition, finding a way for reflection, but with the introduction the vocals become tougher before the round dance of screaming, supplemented by growling and impels the music in a furious rush. However, the chorus returns to the mid-tempo charming intro melody.
The guitar solo seems to argue with the rhythm of the guitar, but they are united around vocal phrases that add an emotional touch to the This Frozen Hell composition. But then the vocal is transformed from sensual clean to plexus demonic screaming and background growling, then giving screaming a clear dominant role.
Rolling a canvas of sad saddened ballad 1 then is transformed from time to time by mysterious progressive musical inserts. But the unhurried narration of the Nowhere Near reflections persists up to the final part, in which the music rushes in a stream of impetuous drive up to the final composition of a guitar solo.
The melodies of male and female vocals announce the name of the Fukushima story, then the musical passages create an atmosphere of trippy intrigue, emphasizing it with a guitar break. The vocal seeks to find the way through this gloomy haze and brings the epic canvas of the chorus to the top of the musical image.
Minstrel motifs with a fascinating symphonic background accompany the thoughtful phrases of a singing lady and complete the album with The Scattering of Ashes romantic bard saga.