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The stars hide many secrets

October 03, 2020
Drops of Heart - Stargazers

The mesmerizing romantic guitar solo of the Echoes intro is preceded by an explosion of deadly drive and vocal fury, but then in the chorus these elements are intertwined in a single musical stream. Musical inspiration intertwined with vocal anger and rage in the Frost Grip (Feat. Richard Sjunnesson) verse continues the Drops of Heart - Stargazers album, complementing the sound of the bridge before chorus with the emotional charisma of the guest vocalist. Re-entering the romantic atmosphere, but already a keyboard solo, the Knot then rises in a race of impetuous drive, transforming into a romantic ballad with the introduction of vocals. The Escapist and Lull tracks continues the ballad romanticism.
Maintains a romantic atmosphere, lifting the banner of an overwhelmingly melodic guitar solo in the intro, but picks up the pace in an inspired race of verse drive, once again complementing the Starlight (Feat. Bjorn Strid) chorus with the legendary vocalist. Captivating with the progressive sound of the guitar solo of the intro, the Modern Madness then builds the composition on an alternation of vocal styles from dreamy clean vocals to furious screaming and harsh growling. After an intriguing introduction, the Coffin brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the vocal phrases with covers of musical passages. Epic passages of musical motives and vocal narration set the tone of the Exodus legendary saga, building a castle of a mystical fairy tale from vocal and musical motives. The music develops a desire for Discoverers and novelty, alternating rapid whirlwinds of drive with the ascent of vocal inspiration.
Beginning with the muted mystery of a romantic ballad with a soft and muted vocal narration, the Death Lover song then raises the banner of sublime sensuality. The title track Stargazers concludes the album with an epic saga, wrapping the vocal storyteller's inspirational phrases in sparkling and vibrant musical laces.