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Have to choose - red or blue pill

October 03, 2020
Quasarborn - A Pill Hard to Swallow

Rolling in waves of restrained drive, focusing on the musical essence of the Mamula, an emotional whirlwind of vocal doubt rises in the chorus. The title track continues the Quasarborn - A Pill Hard to Swallow album with a mid-tempo anthem at first, then adds emotional coloring with vocal variations.
The romantic symphony sets the mood for the Bastion intro, continuing with an obscure whisper of clean vocals. But then the progressive extravaganza of the rhythmic march introduces progressive elements of musical artistry, then surging with an acceleration of the tempo, anticipating the development of the main motive crowned with vocals. The Identity Catharsis immediately combines the vocals and musical passages into a single musical stream. Beginning with epic tunes, the Atlas song expands the stylistic widescreen scope of the album, bringing the vocal atmosphere of rebellious anger.
After a meaningful introduction, the Nothing alternates and subordinates its sound to changes in the mood and sound of the vocal part, building the castles of the epic saga. Beginning with a romantic ballad, the chime of guitar strings appealing to the senses, complementing this soft and gentle chime with a vocal moan, the Stalemate with Suicide then raises the banners of the solemn anthem, combining sensuality, significance and severity in a progressive style of musical narration.
The artistic, with elements of jazz improvisation, the instrumental introduction of The Ascent composition creates the mood for the further development of the furious drive of the Clouds track in the key of maintaining a progressive sound, then again and again returning with melodic revelations. The Humbling starts with viscous intro, that creates a certain mood of majesty, then continues with a furious thriller, retreating to incredibly progressive ballad variations.