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The sound of songs that inspire a journey

December 15, 2022
David Ford - Songs For The Road

Vocals reflections intertwining in a single musical lace with the Go To Hell romantic symphony begins the musical story of the David Ford - Songs For The Road album with an inspired ballad, continuing with inspired reflections of the Decimate song with notes of reflection and decisions in vocals lyrics.
The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the I'm Alright Now brooding ballad envelops with an atmosphere of peace and focuses on the perception of the meaning of the brooding vocal lyrics, focusing on the assessment of the narrator's own actions, anticipating the romantic pensiveness and preparation for wandering in the title track of the Song For The Road album.
A soft acoustic chime complements the sensual and emotional melodies of the Train ballad, weaving artistic lace from music and vocals, where the melodies of the harmonica are woven, continuing the melodic charm with the unity of spirituality and romance in the melodic charm of the St. Peter song.
After inspired and romantic reflections, the music and vocals bring notes of intriguing playfulness to the sound of the Nobody Tells Me What To Do composition, again returning to spirituality, self-esteem and reflection in the sound of the Requiem confessions, but dispelling the shades of sadness and self-criticism in the ironic but romantic ...And So You Fell final composition of the album, due to the length of which it seems to be a separate musical artwork.