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Uneasy and incredible origin

December 14, 2022
Orgy of Carrion - Thine Origin... Incest & Death

Twilight musical covers wrap a fog of intriguing mystery complementing with mysterious vocal phrases the sound of the The Open Depths (A Willing Embrace) song, revealing the dusty cover of the music book of the Orgy of Carrion - Thine Origin... Incest & Death album.
After a brief introduction, the music and vocals are combined in the unrestrained sound of the Clawing Through The Womb of Earth composition, somewhat reminiscent of a demonic ritual dance.
Adhering to the path chosen by the Broken Infinity leitmotif, the vocal part takes the reins of power in its own hands, but does not change the direction of movement of the twilight procession, on the contrary, intertwines with the music in a single foggy whirlwind, sometimes retreating to the artistic reverie of guitars solos in the background.
The music immediately rolls in waves of unstoppable drive, crowning their crests with significant vocals proclamations of the Chasing The Fire Beyond epic saga.
Driving rhythmic beats into the gates of a musical procession, the Window of/into Mind composition combines combat appeals of readiness for battles and combats with echoes and memories of past wars.
The Thine Origin title track of the album completes this musical creation, expanding its stylistic features and genres framework, bringing pulsating impulses of electronic music.