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The self-hostility of the dead God

May 31, 2022
Skold - Dead God

The gloomy musical veils envelop the intriguing mystery of the vocal narrative with a ghostly haze of the Don't Pray For Me track. The Point vocals story takes you on a journey through the mysterious expanses, complementing the lyrical vocals reflections with the melodic charm of the main motive, anticipating the assertive sound of the insistent drive of the title track of the Skold - Dead God album with rebellious vocals appeals.
Thoughtfulness of vocal doubts of the If ballad is wrapped around melodic intriguing guitar passages with percussive heartbeat. Vocal rebellion intertwines with rhythmic musical passages in the single Believe musical stream, anticipating a surge of musical drive with a futuristic realization of punk rock motifs in the sound of the Burn composition. Moving even further in a futuristic musical atmosphere, the I Hate track wraps the vocal mystery with ghostly musical variations.
Twilight musical veils are hiding the unhurried mystery of the Consequence vocal story with obscure trends of mystery. The assertiveness of the Don't Ask Me musical passages pulsates with a rhythmic march, in addition to the vocal mystery of the verses and the furious rebellion of the refrains. But the Too Weird final ballad wraps the end of the album in a soothing haze and captivates with the artistic melody of the guitar solo.