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The sacred grave chosen by him

September 11, 2023
Laceration (AUS) - Laceration

p>The flocking brightness of the musical lace of the guitar solo of the intro precedes the vocal rage combining and alternating screaming and growling in the vocal part of the Nastrazsa Maisara song, complementing the final fragment with a rhythmic march at the end of the vocals anger, retreating before the bright whirlwinds of the guitar solo of the Alpha Centauri composition, which then continues the musical procession of the Laceration (AUS) - Laceration album with rhythmic and assertive marching with explosions of vocal fury, musical drive and a return to the guitar solo of the introduction and the sparkling lace of oriental motifs of guitar passages of a musical fairy tale.
The rhythmic drum roll gives echoes of the fighting proclamations of the Shemhamforash song, complementing its atmosphere with the mysterious charm of artistic guitar solos, which continue to develop the twilight musical mystery in the mysterious veils of musical mysteries and the rapid race of the vocal part of the Disodium composition, sometimes also introducing the gait of battle marches, retreating before the bright guitars solo and vocal narration of the final fragment of this musical artwork.
The guitar solo weaves the musical lace of the Sacred Whore main motive, weaving a musical fabric of complex rhythmic construction for the further path of vocal lyrics, moving to the foreground of the For I Am musical story, supported by variable and inspiring guitar passages.
A vibrant guitar solo weaves the musical fabric of the Early Grave track, which unfurls it for a procession of vocal phrases that alternate and combine screaming and growling before the album ends with the His Chosen unbridled and furious musical thriller, with shades of musical depth and significance, embodied in the melodic charm of the instrumental part's guitar solo.