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Frequency of colliding hearts

September 12, 2023
The Tea Street Band - Frequency

The unity of electronic rhythms with the soft sound of musical passages unite in the enchanting atmosphere of musical covers around the vocals lyrics of the Givin' It Back song, starting the The Tea Street Band - Frequency music album with a unity of musical charm and futuristic musical electronic impulses, continuing with the rhythmic pace of the Sacr musical march, entwined with mysterious whirlwinds of musical mysteries and intriguing transformations.
Rhythmic musical steps intertwine with vocal phrases in the enchanting atmosphere of the Only Love romantic dance, anticipating the fascinating unity of styles, genres and musical eras in the sound of the Feel It composition.
Intriguing electronic motifs anticipate the vocal dominance in the Coming Up musical story, bewitching and captivating into the vastness of dreamy revelations, then enchanting with the sparkling covers of musical variations of the romantic musical atmosphere of the BFYH composition.
Intriguing mystery and doubts are intertwined in the twilight atmosphere of the sound of the Marseille Blues vocal's doubts and reflections, wrapped in a gloomy atmosphere of melodic musical covers, anticipating the romantic reflections of the Hearts Collide musical ballad.
The Enter The Void vocals phrases headlines the title, further marching rhythmically along the chosen path, anticipating the sparkling technogenic distortion of the title track of the Frequency album, which acts as an introduction to the Taken It All mysterious composition that concludes it, enveloping it in the veils of twilight charm.