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The rotation of the variations in the development of reality

September 22, 2019
Carthasy - Revolve

A pulsating waltz swirls with bewitching vortices, the introduction of vocals gives the sound of Bleed composition a wise, thoughtful sound, extolling emotions and experiences in the chorus. Driving a wave of drumming and bringing combat into the musical image the Connect track continues the Carthasy - Revolve album of emotional experiences with alarming fighting rhythms against the background of mesmerizing vocal phrases.
Weaving a bewitching lace of musical variations Ashen brings some shades of jazz to the music, but explodes with furious phrases of extreme vocals in the refrain. Then Awake transfers musical trends to the realm of emotions and emotions, enveloping in an atmosphere of emotions and feelings, entwining with a bewitching haze of romantic presentiments. The instrumental sacrament Outpost envelops in a mysterious atmosphere of anxious forebodings, acting as an introduction to the Endless composition that combines the anxiety of a mid-tempo drive and the experience of a romantic ballad. Then a severely and unyieldingly pulsating dense march Bloom continues the musical narration with viscous and alarmed vocals, full of anxiety and intimidation. The Decline continues with a harsh mid-tempo musical sound, transforming the style of giving the vocal part and introducing vocal phrases of the spirit of hope, shrouded in vortices of musical passages of instrumental bridges.
An epic piece of music Days Of Light completes the album, intertwining the mesmerizing grandeur of the solemn anthem and the sensual experiences of a romantic ballad.