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The past always affects the future

September 21, 2019
Brotthogg - Echoes Of The Past

Bursting into the gates of Brotthogg - Echoes Of The Past album with waves of swift drive The Summoning braids the vocal phrases with the threads of a bewitching melody, recreating in the instrumental bridges and the completion of vocal phrases the bewitching unity of the epic atmosphere and the rampant wraith of a furious drive.
But the Northland harsh inspirational hymn escalates the dusk of ancient tales, rolling the malleable march of waves in the viscous dusk. Then The Descent flies away with a swirling whirlwind, pushing the musical narrative musical narrative into the black metal shores. But before the final stretch in the vocal part, the banner of aspiration for exploits and accomplishments rises.
Thoughtful trends of forgotten legends are intertwined in the twilight atmosphere of The Aftermath mysterious musical mystery, vocals are marching in a leisurely procession, shrouded in mantles of obscure fairy tales. Continuing the tradition of epic narration, Broken Chains envelops vocal phrases with lace of a majestic anthem, adding to the album the atmosphere of medieval knightly sagas and symphonic suites of court composers. The Last Traveler partly continues this style, but concentrates it in the musical stream of the main motive. Distant trumpets appeals for a fast, rampant drive that ends the album with an awesome statement of the Total Death.