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The return of the dragon is expected in different ways

April 06, 2021
Sacred Oath - Return Of The Dragon

The music combines with the dark ferocity of the vocal lines, then bringing epic inspiration to the sound of the Cthulhu Wakes track. Whirling into a whirlwind of rapid haste, the guitar solo of the Last Ride Of The Wicked Dead intro is complemented by cryptic vocal phrases, anticipating the development of the playful sound of the main motive.
The Sacred Oath - Return Of The Dragon album's title track begins with a keyboard solo, setting the path for the development of a majestic symphony, then combining the epic veils of forgotten fairy tales and the restrained waves of harsh drive in the mid-tempo march of the majestic anthem. The At The Gates song creates at first the anticipation of a furious drive, but then the muted phrases of the sage are combined with the inspired proclamations of the valiant hero.
Captivating with a swift drive with pulsating notes of a battle march, the Empires Fall then focuses on the mid-tempo march of the epic saga. The Hammer Of An Angry God song immediately brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image in a violent rebellion. The Next Pharaoh brings a spicy note of oriental motives to the intro, then combining music and vocals in a mesmerizing dance, captivating with artistic motives of the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
But the Primeval whirlwinds of legends bring in the influences of the legends of the Aztecs and Mayans, complementing the musical essence of this release with the lace of shamanic rituals. Fierce battle, the chatter of machine-gun bursts and air raids create a militant atmosphere of the sound of the Into The Drink song, anticipating the end of the album with the brooding progressiveness of the Root Of All Evil track.