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By limiting the scope of own freedom

April 06, 2021
Natvral - Tethers

Brightly and with inspiration, the Why Don't You Come Out Anymore? composition begins the musical narration of the The Natvral - Tethers album, immediately accentuating the title of the song and lifting the sparkling splashes of musical artistry on the banners of ballad melodism. The New Moon ballad even more romantically and dreamily sings about his experiences and dreams. The Sun Blisters music weaves an artistic lace around inspiring vocal tunes, crowning them with melodic keyboard variations.
Returning to memorable holidays, the New Year's Night complements the album with echoes of folklore traditions. The Tears Of Gold continues this musical tradition, complementing the sound with a romantic country-style ballad. Youthful dreams are embodied in the romantic appeal of the Sylvia, The Cup Of Youth song, returning sensual experiences to the youthful atmosphere.
Romantic melodies of the Stay In The Country track's vocals experiences transport us into the twilight mystery of a summer evening. The guitars solo comes to the fore of the Runaway Jane musical image, crowned with vocal experiences and artistic melodies of the keyboard symphony. The Alone In London acoustic composition with sophisticated memories closes the album with a soft and soothing chime of guitar strings.