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The past predicts the future that recalls the past

March 19, 2023
Lethian Dreams, 2020 -  A Shadow Of Memories

The musical procession of the Never Be Found song opens the gates of the Lethian Dreams - A Shadow Of Memories album, combining vocals reflections with the pulsating charm of musical passages. After a long and popoli preparation in the introduction, the Tidal composition indulges in an atmosphere of sad memories, leaving vocals reflections against the background of the musical palette, anticipating the sound and reflections of the Mist Of Memories song, which may seem to be the title track of the album, but complementing the vocal mystery of the singing lady with appropriate musical passages.
Romantic reflections of the You Say unhurried musical ballad combine the sadness of vocals reflections with the sensuality of musical passages and the charm of vocal doubts of the Only A Past composition, raising vocals phrases to the crests of musical waves.
Music with symphonic mystery precedes the further development of artistic searches, complementing the enchanting artefra of the Your Silence symphony with pensive vocal melodies, complementing them with the reassuring thoughtfulness of the And Hollow final composition of the album.